OZO Wesley Review: Amazing location, comfortable rooms

I had the pleasure of staying at the OZO Wesley in Wan Chai for two nights recently and it was lovely. You want a clean, reasonably priced room, in a great central location? Read on.

This is the only OZO property in HK, though there are a few around Asia including Thailand: Koh Samui, Sri Lanka: Colombo, and Kandy. If you’re heading to Phuket next year, they’re planning on opening an OZO there too, at Kata Beach! Feel free to check out their sister property the Amari Phuket.


OZO Wesley is located right by the Wan Chai & Admiralty border. It’s right nearby where Pacific Place 3 (PP3) and the JW Marriott hotel are. Location can’t be beat, it’s so close to Admiralty and Central while still maintaining that local Hong Kong feel by being in Wan Chai.

While the location is between MTR stations, PP3 has an air conditioned tunnel connecting the Admiralty MTR station which services both the Tsuen Wan and Island Lines. You only need to walk outside for 1 minute, good for those hot humid and rainy summer days. There’s also a people mover, that changes direction. Towards PP3 in the am, and towards MTR in the evenings. Total time to reach the train platform is approximately 7-10 minutes.

If MTR isn’t your thing, there are two tram stops only 30 seconds away from the hotel entrance, and a bus stop to Central and directly out front. In fact, I took bus 90 to Exchange Square to get to Hong Kong Station and hopped on the Airport Express. Easier than hailing a taxi during rush hour, and cheaper! You can take almost any bus to Central though.

Check-in and Lobby

Check-in was quick and easy. Short wait as a few other guests arrived before I did, but wasn’t a problem as I snapped a few pics of the lobby while I waited. OZO Wesley has a nice clean modern feeling and spacious lobby. There’s a small seating area with some computers and newspapers if you’re looking to chill out or meet a few friends. Front desk clerk was very helpful and efficient in checking me in. No complaints here!

Nice modern lobby space
Plenty of seating in the lobby
Nice Asian inspired artwork
Nice Macs in the lobby

There’s also a small fridge with drinks and snacks to purchase by the front desk. Or you can help yourself to a cup of coffee and they place tea out in the evening. I nice little touch and I took a cup of tea up to my room one night. Saved me time instead of brewing it myself.

Coffee machine and refreshments

There’s also a port-de-cochere for taxi’s and cars to pull into as well. Rare to find in Hong Kong these days, much appreciated! They’ll turn on the taxi light if you need a cab, but it could be hard to grab one during the evening and morning rush hours.

Nice covered port de cochere

Once the front desk clerk took my deposit via credit card, I was given a key up to my room, easy peasy. Just keep in mind the elevator doesn’t make a ding sound, so I missed mine once, lol. Probably better that way as not to disturb people sleeping when they arrive on the guest floors.

Modern inviting lobby. Busy during check in time.


Rooms at OZO Wesley, while not very large, are very gnerously sized by Hong Kong standards. Keep in mind, if you can open your luggage and walk around a bit, that’s considered large for Hong Kong. I enjoyed the bright and white themed rooms as it gave a modern and clean feeling. Sleep and Dream rooms are the same, except Dream rooms are located on higher floors.

I had the pleasure of seeing a few different room types which are shown in the photos below.

Twin bedded: Sleep / Dream room
King: Sleep or Dream Room
I like the rolling work desk, unique!
Water boiler, mini fridge, and safe in the closet!

There is also an OZO Suite which you can book for more room to play around or sleep in. It’s fairly sizeable at 34 sq meters and plenty of room to do some yoga or jumping jacks. 

OZO Suite Couch
OZO Suite Workspace
OZO Suite Seating Area

The brand emphasizes “sleep” and “dream.” I slept very well on the Western style bed with fluffy pillows and bed spread. You can even count sheep with the TV if you’re having trouble getting to bed! I thought the rooms would be loud with city and traffic noise being on a big road. Honestly, I didn’t hear anything and I wasn’t super high on the 15th floor. They did a good job of sound proofing the windows. I slept very well both nights and the brand certainly lives up to their goal of helping you get a good night’s sleep! If you can’t sleep, you can put on a video of sheep and count them till you pass out, lol!

The only critique I have is regarding the bathroom, it was a little tight and shower didn’t have a door. Regarding the shower, an open shower is a pet peeve of mine. Water naturally will splash out so the floor would get wet no matter how hard you try. Minor issue since housekeeping would wipe it up or the water would evaporate fairly quick but I wish they would add a sliding door so I don’t have to worry about where the water goes. Bath also could’ve used a larger countertop to place my toiletries but there’s a shelf on the side which had some room so that really wasn’t an issue.

Nice standing shower and mosaic. Where’s the door?
Clean and functional bathroom!

Other than that, the room has nice touches such as USB ports and plenty of outlets everywhere. There’s a few reading lamps next to the bed too and a fridge and safe to place your passport and valuables. By the way, if you’re wondering where the toothbrush and slippers are, don’t worry, you can call housekeeping, they’ll bring them right up in a jiffy!


Breakfast buffet was very impressive. It had varying selection of Asian and Western items. It starts early too, at 6am which is nice and appreciated as I had an 840am flight on my checkout day. A lot of hotels in Hong Kong start at 7am which is a bit late in my opinion, kudos to OZO for starting early! Seating is ample and you don’t need to worry about getting a seat or sharing tables with random people. One morning when I went at 630am the place was completely empty, a private breakfast spread all for moi! The other day I came around 850am and there was plenty of seating then too.

Breakfast seating area, plenty of space!

Here are photos of the many varieties of food. The chef was great, all of it was delicious. You can also get eggs cooked to order, though I’m not much of an egg person so didn’t try the cooked to order. I did have the soba twice though which incidentally you can dip into a lightly poached egg and sauce, yummy to my tummy.

Cooked to order eggs!


Nice touch was the rotation of breakfast offerings each day. Much of the selection was different from day to day, so you wouldn’t tire of the food each morning. I have better photos from day two since I went early before most of the food was eaten. Lots of cooked items, breads, pastries, fruits, cereals, etc. You won’t be disappointed!


Breakfast more hot items!
Breakfast Hot Items
Breakfast salad and soba
Wonton Soup
Pumpkin Congee
Breakfast Fruits and Juices
Breakfast Coffee
Breakfast breads and pastries
Breakfast Dimsum


The property also has a decently sized fitness center with all of the modern equipment you need. I used it twice which I was there and it was empty both times at night. Shouldn’t be any complaints here, free weights, machines, treadmills, yoga balls, etc.

Fitness Center

Remember to slip in the card to turn on the light though. It’s next to the towel rack. Probably would made more sense to install a motion detector though.

Fitness Center Towels


OZO Wesley is a great property to stay at while in Hong Kong. It’s superbly located in the busy Wan Chai area with easy access to everywhere, including Central, Admiralty, Causeway Bay, and Kowloon.

Service is great and I didn’t have a problem with any staff. They were all very helpful and knowledgeable about the hotel and local area.

Rates are reasonably priced and you don’t have to pay the mega 5-star hotel prices for the three properties at Admiralty, while still staying basically at the same location. All of the staff I interacted with were very friendly and helpful. I didn’t have any issues and most certainly will consider staying here again next time!

This stay was provided by Onyx Hospitality. All content and opinions expressed are true and original to the author.

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