Review: Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore Changi

For a country with year-round tropical heat, Singapore is the one place on earth where an airport shower is to die for. However, whoever designed the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Singapore thinks otherwise. The lounge has every component of what Cathay Pacific’s lounges are known for but the shower suites.

Apart from that disappointment, this lounge upheld the consistency of a Cathay Pacific product, and with the staple Noodle Bar, it is actually worth a visit before your flight.

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Cathay Pacific has nine flights per day between Singapore and Hong Kong and this has been one of their most premium routes. Before the opening of Terminal 4, Cathay Pacific has to rely on contract lounges and other Oneworld lounges in Terminal 1 (such as the Qantas Lounge and British Airways Lounge) to serve its passengers. Cathay Pacific finally opened their own lounge after moving to Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi back in late 2017, featuring the Ilse Crawford design Cathay used for The Pier First and Business Lounge in Hong Kong.

Entrance to Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore

The Cathay Pacific Lounge in Singapore is open from 4am to 1am every day. This actually puts its opening hours longer than Cathay’s flagship lounges in Hong Kong. It is located on the mezzanine level of the concourse, across from the only other lounge in the terminal, which is the Blossom Lounge operated by Plaza Premium.

There are clear signs in the terminal leading to the lounges

Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi is small and primarily used for budget airlines, so it is easily navigable. The biggest difference with Terminal 4 is that it has separated areas for departures and arrivals, and it is not interconnected with the rest of the terminals by walkways like the other terminals. Although there is a not so convenient bus service connecting you to and from the sterile transit area in Terminal 2.

I am catching the first flight of the day to Hong Kong at 6:40am, and I did not arrive too early in order to maximize some sleep in a real bed. The agents scanned my boarding pass and informed us that our flight will be delayed slightly due to the late arrival of the aircraft from Hong Kong and that a boarding announcement will be made. Not too cold, but certainly not above and beyond welcoming, a unique Cathay flair…

The Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore Noodle Bar

The highlight of this lounge is definitely the signature Noodle Bar. The Noodle Bar is a Cathay Pacific staple and is available in many Cathay Pacific Lounges worldwide. This provides a nice addition on top of the buffet selection. It also adds additional seating configurations that suits sit down dining.

The Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore has an abundance of seating options

There is an abundance of seating options in the lounge. Cathay Pacific spaces their departures from Singapore with a nice 2 to 3-hour interval between each flight. They are also the only Oneworld airline using Terminal 4. Hence, this lounge should not be overcrowded at any time.

A breakfast rich in carbs: noodles, dim sum and two croissant

Food and Beverages

Airport breakfast has long been about overcooked scrambled eggs and sausages tasting of German mystery meat. Although the buffet selection in the Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore is also rather abysmal (the scrambled egg can easily be mistaken as a quiche). But with the Noodle Bar, you get fresh noodle that makes the breakfast experience a lot more enjoyable.

I’m not kidding when I say the “scrambled” eggs look like quiche
Sauteed tomatoes and sausages Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore
Fried rice noodles Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore
Smoked Salmon, salads and cheese selection Cathay pacific lounge Singapore
Drink selections Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore

The drink selection is fair and nothing spectacular. You get your usual mix of soft drink, still and sparkling water, and a self serving wine station (that is not stocked during my morning visit). The service by the lounge staff cleared plates regularly and service is quite attentive.

Where is the shower?

Much to my surprise, there is no shower in this lounge. This is a big let down. Out of all places in the world, Singapore is that one place an airport shower should be an essential amenity. The hot and humid tropical environment in Singapore makes an airport shower something to die for before anyone boarding for a world of bliss, albeit the flight to Hong Kong is just four hours long.

If you want a shower, you can use the Blossoms Lounge opposite of the Cathay Pacific Lounge. Rumors are Cathay Pacific was offered the bigger and better space where now sits the Blossoms Lounge, but Cathay refused and instead chose the less costly, smaller space (and without a shower facility). To be fair, this Lounge was built around those few years not too long ago that Cathay was facing some financial difficulties. It definitely seems to be a more sounding decision back then.

So, blame whoever advised Cathay to hedge fuel costs back in 2015.

Business Center Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore


This is certainly not a bad lounge, but it is just not as good as most other Cathay outstation lounges. Needless to say, Cathay only flies to Bangkok and Hong Kong from Singapore. Which really is not very long before their passengers can enjoy their better lounges in these cities.

The food I had was not great, but not bad either. You have the selection of noodles which is great, and I’ll admit it is hard to make reheated scrambled eggs taste good.

This lounge is certainly not worth avoiding but also not worth a special trip. It qualifies as a good place to relax before a flight. Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi is rather barebones. There are not many places you can go or things to do in this small terminal. It certainly does not represent what Singapore Changi is famous for with it lacking in almost everything. Suffice to say, this lounge can make your perfect oasis in the midst of a busy journey.

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