Review: Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class Hong Kong to Singapore

After a quick meeting in Hong Kong, I rushed to the airport to catch my afternoon flight to Singapore. I just finished off a 14-day trip to England with my family and need to attend a meeting in Hong Kong and get to Singapore on the same day. So I purchased a Cathay Pacific Business Class Round-trip ticket with a quick 4 hour stop in Hong Kong on my way to Singapore. You can find my Cathay Dragon flight from Beijing to Hong Kong here in the previous instalment. I will not write up a trip planning article for this series as I was travelling for business and did not plan for the sake of experience.

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As I was heading to the airport, I saw that my flight to Singapore is delayed by 40 minutes. This actually helped me to make this flight as I was cutting close on time. I headed straight to the gate with my mobile boarding pass.

Upon Boarding

Cathay Pacific A330s features the reverse herringbone seats that made up the backbone of their long-haul fleet. Though on the 330 the seats are slightly smaller compared to what they have on the 777 due to the narrower cabin. I am seated in Seat 20K today, on the bulkhead seat in the small mini Business Class cabin at the back. The seat itself is very good as it offers great privacy and has direct aisle access.

Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class Seats

I always try my best to select bulkhead seats when I fly Cathay Pacific Business Class as they offer a slightly larger footwell compare. My biggest complaint of reverse herringbone seats is the small footwells. This made sleeping uncomfortable for longer flights but that was not an issue on this flight to Singapore.

At the seat, there is a small storage space on your right and shoe storage on the left, both under your seat. On your right, there is the seat and entertainment control, as well as a storage box with the headphones in it.

In-Seat Storage Space Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class
Shoe Storage Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class
Controllers and Storage Box Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class

Just as I settled down, the flight attendant distributed warm towels and welcome drinks. Most of the time I just choose to have a glass of water before departure as I tend to get thirsty before meal service.

We finally pushed back at 3:40pm and had even more delays on the tarmac. We held short at the runway beside a Cathay Pacific A350. As much as I love Boeing planes, I find the A350 to be gorgeous. The plane finally took off at 4pm, a full 90 minutes behind schedule.

Cathay Pacific A350 in Hong Kong

Meal Service

Since this is an afternoon flight, only a light meal is served. The menu read as follows:

I did not have the time to get lunch before my flight so I requested to have two main dishes. The flight attendant had no issue with the request as most passengers are not eating. The meal started with a fruit plate. Then I had both the roasted cod and the beef brisket noodles. The flight attendant was lovely on this flight, she even asked me if I wanted to try the afternoon tea set as well but I was full at this point.

Roasted Atlantic Cod with fried Potato and Asparagus Cathay Pacific Business Class
Braised Beef Brisket with Chu Chu Sauce in Noodle Soup Cathay Pacific Business Class

The food tasted excellent, especially the roasted cod. Although clearly, not carefully plated or anything close to good in terms of presentation, the taste is phenomenal. The cod is nice and moist on the inside and a little crisp on the outside. The beef noodle also tasted quite good but not as exceptional as the cod. Overall, this was an enjoyable meal and one of the better ones I had with Cathay Pacific.

The service was also one of the best I had on Cathay Pacific. I was addressed by name throughout the flight and the flight attendant serving me was top notch. They are efficient and well-catered my hungry stomach.

Bottled water is distributed to passengers after meal service and before landing. Thanks to the delay, we approached Singapore at about 7pm, where the sunset view out of the window is amazing. We landed at 7:30pm, about an hour behind the scheduled arrival time.

Sunset View On Approach Into Singapore


Historically, Cathay Pacific Business Class has always been very consistent but often feels like an assembly line. They serve meals on trolleys and service is often for efficiency and not the personal touch. However, I had a wonderful crew this time and made my entire flight very enjoyable. The food on this flight is also one of the best I had ever on Cathay Pacific Business Class.

I would always recommend Cathay Pacific Business Class, the entire product overall is just pretty good, and that is why I always fly with them. And this particular flight is one of the best I ever had with them.

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