What Souvenirs to Get in Macau?

If you visit Macau what makes a good souvenir, gift or pasabulong?

Macanese cuisine is a distinctive blend of Portuguese and Chinese influences, and food such as pastries are very popular souvenirs. Many tourists can be seen carrying the distinctive cream and brown bags of the famous Koi Kei Bakery. There are other pastelleria, too. Many have their version of the core Macanese specialities – especially egg rolls and almond cookies. Peanut brittle is also a popular seller. Egg tarts are another famed Macanese delicatessen although they do not always travel well so might not make as good a souvenir. The most famous chain is Koi Kei Bakery although they also have shops elsewhere, such as Hong Kong, so if you are looking for a less mainstream gift, you may want to try one of the many other pastelleria in Macau.

You can also get some locally crafted souvenirs at Macau Creations. This gallery cum shop at Macau Towers showcases souvenirs crafted locally and so offers something a bit different to your average tourist tat, albeit with a price to match. A similar local enterprise focussing on tee shirts, hoodies, bags and the like is Loving Macau. Loving Macau has an online shop which can deliver to your accommodation in Macau or Hong Kong. Free shipping over 300 MOP!!! We love free shipping.

Avoid an identity crisis with a tee shirt like this one (Photo credit: Loving Macau)

The Mandarin’s House has a lovely selection of souvenirs based on an annually rotating selection made by the Cultural Relics Information Centre and Gift Shop. These are chosen to represent some aspects of local culture and heritage.

The Cunha Bazaar in Taipa is a quirky multistorey bazaar which offers imaginative and some locally made souvenirs.

If you just want something cheap and cheerful, like keychains or postcards, there are a number of souvenir shops in central tourist areas such as Senado Square. If you really don’t want to leave your casino, some have a shop selling branded merchandise.

Macau also offers some interesting souvenirs which are not local. The charmingly presented Loja das Conservas (9 Tv. do Aterro Novo), for example, offers a range of goods from the territory’s erstwhile colonial power Portugal, such as a wide variety of canned fish, some in beautiful tins.


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  • Cool post 🙂
    The photo you used – the “Macau It’s Not HK” tshirt is actually from LOVING MACAU, not Macau Creations.

    Loving Macau (not “living macau” as written in article) is the first local brand with a complete online store dedicated to promoting Macau in a international/ modern way and is loved by locals!

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