How to Get Cheap Macau Ferry Tickets

We’ve previously explained how to travel between Hong Kong and Macau by ferry in this post.

For a short journey, the ferry ticket costs are actually pretty high whatever ferry operator you choose. There are a few ways to get cheaper tickets.

  • Use a travel agent. There are travel agent at the ferry terminals, just yards from the ticket counters, and they can often sell you tickets at a discount even at short notice. For example, on my last trip to Macau, the Turbojet counter’s cheapest ticket cost two hundred dollars for a ferry several hours later. A travel agent across the hall had tickets at one hundred and eighty dollars, for a ferry an hour earlier. That is a typical saving. Sometimes people in the hall will approach you with tickets for sale. Usually this is legitimate and they are connected to the travel agents.
  • Book through Klook. The ticketing website Klook has discounted tickets though usually they need to originate in Hong Kong not Macau.
  • Ask your hotel. If you have booked to stay at a hotel in Macau or Hong Kong, they may be able to help you with discounted tickets, especially if they are associated with a casino.
  • Look out for special offers. The ferry companies sometimes have special offers, like this one from Cotai Jet or another from Turbo Jet.

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