The Cheapest Ways to Macau Airport

Getting to or from Macau airport need not be expensive, thanks to the small size of the territory as well as the abundance of shuttle buses in the casino rich city.

Shuttle Bus

Most casino and resort groups offer free shuttle buses between the airport and their properties. These are meant for guests or visitors of those properties. They operate in both directions on a shuttle basis and the stops are clearly marked outside the terminal building. Operating hours vary by casino but generally they are available from morning until late evening.

Airport Bus

Macau has various airport buses. A rundown is available on the airport website although intermediate stops are not listed there – look on the respective operators’ websites listed at the bottom of that page. As an example, the popular bus AP1 timetable is shown here, but there are others.

There is generally service from around 6 a.m. to midnight, with some night services, and adult fares are five patacas or less, payable on board with no change offered.


Like Hong Kong, taxis in Macau are relatively cheap. The flagfall for taxis in Macau is 19 patacas and the fare increases in increments of 2 patacas. Usually in Macau you can pay with Hong Kong dollars at parity to patacas (any change may be in patacas). Luggage is chargeable at 3 patacas apiece so consider taking it in the vehicle with you instead of in the boot. The total fare will depend on which part of Macau you are going to but for the central parts should not be more than around 100 patacas – Macau proper and Coloane are further than Taipa, for example. Taxis are clearly metered.

There is a taxi rank at the airport. Going to the airport, your hotel or casino can call you one or in busier areas you can hail one on the street.

Uber no longer offers services in Macau.

On Foot

Macau is not designed with pedestrians in mind but it is possible if a bit uncomfortable at times in terms of crossing roads to reach the airport on foot. This would be less comfortable if you are carrying heavy luggage or are with small children. But if you are in parts of Taipa, walking to the airport in forty five minutes or less is an option.

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