Wong Tai Sin Temple Day Outing


Decided to take a trip out to Wong Tai Sin temple in Kowloon one weekend when it was easily over 33 degrees and super sunny! Nonetheless it was nice to check out again as I haven’t gone in a few years, clear the sins and wish for a few things.

Wong Tai Sin is extremely easy to reach, it’s literally outside of the Wong Tai Sin MTR station on the green line. As soon as you walk out of Exit B3, you can walk straight up the ramp and on the left you’ll see the temple ground entrance. There may be some old ladies accosting you to purchase incense and other things, I got a small pack of incense for $5.

There’s a few temples at Wong Tai Sin, and a little garden in the back. When I went it was filled with tourists from China, busloads literally. A little overwhelming for a place that should be peaceful, but I did find some respite in the gardens in the back. You’re supposed to donate $2 to enter, but I donated elsewhere in the temple so I felt that was sufficient. There’s a little pond with tons of starving turtles. As soon as you walk by they’ll eagerly swim near you looking for food.

Wong Tai Sin is also famous for fortune sticks, where you bend on your knees and shake your fortune out of a cup. The sticks have different sayings and you’ll need to bring them over to the fortune tellers on the side to have them interpreted. Not really my cup of tea but there were plenty of people wanting to find out what their futures held!


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