Where to Go on Valentine’s Day: Light Rose Garden

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your beloved, or just an empty ritual of capitalism that shames people who are single, there’s no denying that the day has long been marked with cards, chocolates, flowers, fancy dinners and of course, huge stress thinking what to do for the evening.  Fear not, ladies and gentlemen. This year, there is one more place you can go to spend your Valentine’s Day evening.

Picture from www.fairtradehk.org

Picture from www.fairtradehk.org

This year, a South Korean creative agency has brought an art installation called the “Light Rose Garden” to Hong Kong. Tamar Park at Admiralty would be bathed in a sea of white light thanks to some 25,000 LED roses every evening starting at 6pm.

A project originally from South Korea, Hong Kong is the first stop of this light garden’s world tour. Avid Korean drama fans might also find this scene familiar, as the Light Rose Garden in South Korea was the filming location of quite a few dramas. I went to the light rose garden in South Korea a few months ago, and though I am not a Korean drama fan, I still find the garden to be quite something. Here are a few photos I took.IMG_20151230_202353

P1230947So make sure to check the garden out, because I can tell you: there is nothing more romantic than a stroll along the Victoria Harbour with light roses as your backdrop. Even the least romantically inclined among us will find the garden to be a wonderful place for selfies.

The display will be opened today (Feb 14), until the Chinese Lantern festival on February 22. The next stop of this world tour will be at Singapore on Feb 22.

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