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Uber lowers prices in Kowloon, New Territories, and Lantau

Details appear fairly straightforward, Uber has dropped fares 20% for trips starting outside of Hong Kong Island. Uber dropped fares across North America in January and looks like this trend is spreading worldwide.

Hong Kong is the latest city to fall to Uber’s massive fare discounts. Now, depending if you’re a rider or driver this could be good or bad. Uber always says lower prices will increase demand, blah blah. I don’t believe it, I’m almost certain the real reason is to undercut the taxi prices and put them out of business. In fact, Uber proudly says “It’s less than a taxi” on the twitter message.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.00.42 PM


New uberXOld uberX
Base fareHK$7HK$10
Per minHK$0.6HK$1
Per kmHK$5HK$6
Minimum fareHK$25HK$30

I use Uber all of the time, particularly when I’m unable to find a taxi or in a more remote area. It’s particularly helpful or tourists or foreigners who don’t know where they’re going in Chinese, as they can input the destination straight into the app in English and avoid getting taken to the wrong place. It also doesn’t hurt that the cars in Hong Kong on Uber tend to be pretty nice, a Mercedes isn’t uncommon.


If you’ve never tried Uber maybe this is a good opportunity to do so, particularly if you’re not on the HK side. You could use invite code theresat1688ue for a free ride credit up to $100 HKD, which will get you a decent distance particularly with the lower fares. (I’ll also get a free ride, thank you.)

You can use this in other countries too, it’ll show you the free ride amount after you click the link.



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