South China Morning Post, Free to Read!

Alibaba recently acquired SCMP and in case you didn’t know, it’s free to read online now. Or you can download the SCMP app for your smartphone.

Will this influence the news to shed China in a more appealing light? Time will tell but I guess yes. For example:


Look at this article, “tips” for custom officials? Why don’t they call it a bribe? Tips sounds like you’re doing something good, I don’t think the tourists meant to be nice when tipping. I’m sure they were smuggling something out of Vietnam.

What do you think?

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  1. Ang says:

    I’m based in the US and I like to read SCMP, but found it very annoying when I reached my monthly free limit. I’m glad to hear that it’s free to read from now on, but I think I’d rather have it the old way. I’m pretty sure since Alibaba owns it now, the news will definitely be skewed and show China in a “more positive” light. Such a shame… I’m not a fan of China as you can tell…

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