MTR Increased Service Frequency


MTR has increased the service frequency of the trains this year, and they’ve initiated a campaign bragging about it. I think this is mainly in hope that people will forget about the three major instances where there was major MTR service disruption this year.

While I commend them, this really should be expected due to the higher fares and increases in tourist numbers, particularly from the mainland.

The numbers are slightly mis-leading, as on the Tung Chung line, most of the trains during rush hour previously terminated at Tsing Yi, now many of them will go all of the way to Tung Chung. These are also trips per week, so divided by 7, the Island line for example only has 6 new trips each day, really not noticeable.

I think the trains need to be run at maximum capacity, particularly during rush hours. Oftentimes passengers are required to wait for a few trains to pass before boarding, this is ridiculous. As soon as the train pulls out of the station, the next train should pull in. I’m a bit worried, particularly on the Island line when the West Island extension is completed, how will all of those additional passengers fit onto the train? It’s over capacity even now.

Here’s the details on the service enhancements:

Total number of train trips per week added in 2012:


Total number of additional
train trips per week

Tung Chung Line


Kwun Tong Line


Tsuen Wan Line


Island Line


Tseung Kwan O Line


West Rail Line





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