MTR Discounts to Help You Through the Fare Raise

Bad news first. MTR fares went up today AGAIN, this time for an average of 4.3 %. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, since the train operator has been raising prices for 6 consecutive years now. But putting my complaints aside, there are actually some ways you can make the best of the situation.

1. Not all fares went up, only some

If you are the 2.5 % of MTR riders whose fares won’t be increasing then good for you. For other Octopus card users and frequent user passes users, you might have to pay extra fares from 1 HK cent to over 5 HK cent per ride. Frustrating I know. But bear in mind the fare increase wasn’t across the board, and if you play the game right, buying a single ticket might even be the same or even less expensive than using your Octopus card! Check the price charts for comparison!

2. 10 % off second trip

MTR obviously knows people will be complaining, so along with the fare increase comes concessions. From now through 20 November 2015, Octopus card users will automatically enjoy a 10% discount on every second trip on the MTR, Light Rail or MTR Bus (no East Rail Line First Class Premium, Airport Express or MTR feeder bus services then) within the same day on the same transport mode using the same card. The second trip doesn’t have to be a round trip so this might actually help you save some money.

3.  25 % Early Bird Discount

If you have to go somewhere early (like before-8:15am early) from Monday to Friday, you can also make use of the 25% off Early Bird discount. There are A LOT of limitations though. You have to exit the gate between 7:15 am and 8:15 am. You can only use an Adult Octopus card. This discount is only available on Monday to Friday, excluding any public holidays and weekends. The discount is only valid for exits at 29 designated core urban stations. This will be valid through 31 May 2016.


4. Special Days Discounts

25 December, 26 December (Christmas, Boxing Day), 9 February, 10 February (2nd day of Chinese New Year) and 25 March and 26 March (Easter). Mark down these 6 days, because MTR fares will be extremely cheap! The MTR Festive Discounts will allow Adult Octopus card-users to enjoy half-price fares. Those who already receive concessions, such as elderly and disabled people, children and students, will pay HK$1 per journey.

Blogger: Frances Sit

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