Where to do laundry and dry cleaning in Hong Kong

Laundry can be an inconvenience when you are travelling. Fortunately Hong Kong is famous for its fast, good and often cheap laundry services. If you’re traveling or living here, you won’t ever need to wash and dry your own clothes if you choose not to.

Here we explain your options when seeking to do laundry in Hong Kong.

Laundry shops

Laundry and dry cleaning shops are common in Hong Kong. Some of them are chains, such as Vogue, but most are family owned shops with only one or a couple of outlets. Typically they are open every day from early morning until late evening although some only open six days.

If you walk around you’ll stumble upon them, or ask your hostel/hotel front desk. They’ll be able to guide you to the nearest one. Usually they are on side streets or small alleyways due to the cheaper rents.

A typical laundry shop in Hong Kong, with bags piled high.

Don’t worry, not all of them are as untidy as the one shown above! haha. In fact, if it were me, I wouldn’t use this shop because I wouldn’t want my clothes littered all over the street. What’s the point of laundering then? Most of them don’t look like this and keep all of your clothes inside.

Laundry shops usually clean and fold items in one or several days as standard. You are charged by weight, with a minimum price applied. Something around $20/HK per pound might be a going price, but of course varies by store and neighborhood.

If you want faster service, such as same day turnaround, you can often get it but it will usually attract a price premium, but reasonable by western standards. The starting price for a small load in a laundry shop is about $40, but in some shops it will be substantially more.

People rave about the value of laundry in Hong Kong but in fact the quality and value vary widely. In general laundries will do a good job but the price can run the gamut from very cheap to a little pricy.

If you need dry cleaning services, most will handle that too. They’ll take your clothes and bring it to some centralized dry cleaner in HK and have the clothes brought back. Very few do it on the spot due to the space constraints. This service takes a few days and is much pricier than regular laundry. Figures around $80/HK for a suit or $30/HK for pants.

In quieter areas of the New Territories, a laundry may be combined with a local shop.

Self Service Launderettes

Hong Kong also has some self service launderettes. These tend to be concentrated in more developed areas of the territory – you can find one in Mong Kok or Sheung Wan easily enough, but you are unlikely to find one on an outlying island, for example.

Laundryup is one of a number of 24 hour self service launderette chains.

Such launderettes are typically open around the clock every day. Prices for a wash start at around $20 and drying is charged in increments, often coming to $30 upwards. Cash is usually accepted alongside Octopus cards.

LaundrYup uses LG washers and is sprinkled throughout the territory, primarily on the HK side.

Launderettes are currently in a modernisation phase. Panda Laundry in Sai Ying Pun is an example of a hip launderette and you can even enjoy a quality coffee while doing your laundry at their Coffee & Laundry store in Sheung Wan.

Coffee & Laundry – patrons who use the laundry facilities receive a discount on coffee.

If it were me, I’d just give me clothes to someone and let them wash, dry, and fold it. It’s a reasonable price in HK. But if you’re really pressed budget-wise, and have some time on your hands, the self-service laundry could be a good option. Albeit hard to find.

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  • Very useful information. I just did self-service laundry last night in Laundry Express in Jordan, near Tsim Sha Tsui. Exactly one of the self service launderettes you mentioned I think. Cheap and convenience.

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