Kids free on Airport Express & West Island Line Extension

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Free Child Rides on Airport Express

Christmas holidays are much more enchanting with this special offer by the MTR where children can enjoy FREE rides on the Airport Express to and from the airport.


Children aged 3-11 who hold a valid Octopus Card are able to make a free Airport Express journey from Hong Kong , Kowloon or Tsing Yi stations to Airport Station or vice versa during 21st December2014 to 28th February 2015. Passengers will not have to purchase any tickets beforehand in order to enjoy the offer; the promotion will activate automatically when they pass through the Airport Express ticket gate with a Child Octopus card which has a positive remaining value.

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and don’t yet have any Child Octopus card, it’s a no brainer to get one to be eligible for the free Airport Express rides. The deposit cost is $50 plus $50 minimum value added, so $100 total to get. Then you can get a refund when you leave HK of the balance and your $50 deposit. Although MTR will charge a $9 admin fee if you return it within 90 days.

West Island Line

On the other hand, the Island Line extension to Western District will be in service on the 28th December 2104. HKU and Kennedy Town stations will first be opened to the public and then followed by San Ying Pun Station in early 2015. According to statistics provided by the MTR webpage, the time needed to travel from Mong Kong to Kennedy Town will only required 23 minutes, which is much faster than before! This will not only benefit residents in Western HK Island, but will also encourage people to explore on the Western Part of the island with the help of these stations and convenient transportation.

Map of the West Island line extension

Map of the West Island line extension

Sample travel times in minutes between stations with the new extension

mtr travel time

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