Hong Kong’s History Video

I came across this awesome video on Youtube about Hong Kong in 1968. The description doesn’t say what it’s for, but it appears as though it’s a tourism video or a basic introduction of Hong Kong to western foreigners. It’s really refreshing to see how life and transportation was back then and honestly, a lot of it is very familiar today in 2014.

It’s a very fun watch if you’re a history or Hong Kong buff. It’s been compiled by British Pathe which has archived tons and tons of video over the past decades.

Various shots show a traditional dragon dance before a crowd of people on a paved area near the harbour in Hong Kong. Aerial L/S of skyscrapers around the harbour. We see a jet aeroplane (a Boeing 707) coming in to land at Kai Tak airport; western businessmen get off; packages and two dogs in a cage are unloaded from the hold.

Two trams are seen passing on a hill leading from mountains to the city. People on ferries travel across the harbour; the Yamahata car ferry pulls into dock and cars drive off. Various shots of the city streets of Hong Kong (in daylight); lots of signs in Chinese hang from the buildings. Several nice market shots; food being cooked and served to customers on the street; people buying vegetables and fruit; goldfish in large silver bowls; a flower stall; a rather bizarre ‘facial’ is performed on a customer – her grey painted face is twanged with an elastic band!

L/S of the Hong Kong Hilton Hotel; several other skyscrapers. Beautiful L/Ss of a bay surrounded by mountains as commentator notes the similarity to Monte Carlo. Various beach shots at Repulse Bay; young locals bask on the beach with their transistor radios; western visitors frolic in the sea and stroll about in groovy gingham bikinis.

Harvest time: people are seen thrashing cut corn; walking barefoot over corn to dry it; watering and ploughing paddy fields; joss sticks are laid out to dry over bamboo canes. In the harbour at Aberdeen, we see several shots of junks and sampans; people transporting produce in small boats; a huge floating seafood restaurant (or fishmongers?); a man selecting an exotic lobster.

At West Bay we see young people (some in kaftans) having a barbecue on the beach; a man walks over with the lobster and holds it over the fire to cook. Several shots of neon signs advertising nightclubs and bars; the city streets at night.

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