Teakha Cafe , Central Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Tours: Don’t Miss out these Places in Central District.

ANYDOKO, a leading travel video channel, shared with us an exceptional video on the place to be in Hong Kong Central District. I found it both informative and entertaining, so I would love to share it with you. In this video, Phoebe Miu guides us on ANYDOKO favorite spots in Hong Kong Central.

Words in Italic are from the video, just in case you prefer reading.

There are many sides to Hong Kong. There is hectic Kowloon with its neon lights and strong Chinese character. And then there is Hong Kong Island with its hills, its narrow streets, and its western influences. There is so much central district has to offer. From hip cafes, shops, temples to awesome bars.

We sat down and made a list of our favorite spots in central, which I’m so excited to show you.


Teakha Cafe , Central Hong Kong.

A great place to start is Teakha, a trendy tea café and has a wide selection of tea and some of the best cakes in Hong Kong.

Teakha is a hidden gem in Hong Kong. I enjoyed my freshly-brewed masala chai tea and home-baked scone on the tables outside. While you enjoy your breakfast, you can choose to read magazines or browse using the café’s free Wi-Fi.

  • Address: 18B Tai Ping Shat St, Sheung Wan.
  • Open hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9 AM- 6 PM

Sat and Sun 8:30 AM- 7 PM

  • Price range: $51-100
  • How to get there : 9 min walk MTR Sheung Wan Station , Exit A2


Man Mo Temple Hong Kong

If you are looking to experience a bit of culture, take a walk down Hollywood Road to Man Mon Temple. It’s a welcome change from the city that surrounds it. When you come into the temple, it’s like entering the house of the Gods. Like any house, you have to ring the bell.

Back in Imperial China when people would go to war, they would sound the drum, and after the war, they would ring the bell in order to celebrate.

This temple is dedicated to the Gods of literature and war. People burn incense sticks as offering to the Gods.

Man Mo is the oldest temple in Hong Kong. The smell of incense is very captivating. If I were you, I wouldn’t consider my visit to Hong Kong complete if I have not set foot in this early 1800’s temple.

  • Address: Man Mo Temple, Hollywood Rd, Tai Ping Shan.
  • Open hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Entry: free
  • How to get there: MTR to Central station , Exit D2 and Go left to Theatre lane or MTR  Sheung Wan , Exit A2 and walk along Hiller St to Queens Rd.


CHU WING KEE , Hong Kong

Okay, this is probably one of the coolest stores in Hong Kong. They sell a crazy amount of things for your home and garden. Awesome place to get a souvenir.

This is like a cross between a thrift shop, a dollar store and my grandma’s house. What on earth is this? It basically is used for cleaning. 

This year is the year of the chicken, so a lot of people are buying bowls with chicken on them.

There is so much to choose in Chu Wing Kee. But an ear picker? That cracked my ribs. Thanks, Phoebe.

  • Address: 26 Possession St. Sheung Wan
  • How to get there: MTR to Sheung Wan then a 10 mins walk



If you are in Central, you cannot miss Lan Fong Yuen they make the best milk tea in Hong Kong. They make the best milk tea in Hong Kong. They use silk stocking to filter the tea for maximum smoothness.

Yuan Yang and stocking milk tea originated from Lan Fong Yuen. My favorite is iced milk tea.  Apart from the tea, don’t forget to order some pork chop bun and fried chicken instant noodles.

  • Address: 2 Gage Street, Central
  • Open hours : 7:30 AM – 6PM
  • Price range:  below $50
  • MTR to Central , Exit C . Walk left to Des Vouex Rd.

PMQ (Police Married Quarters)

Police married Quarters , Hong Kong

They were formally used for police officers and their families serving in the Central Districts. They are now a creative hub, home to some of the coolest design stores, galleries, and restaurant in Hong Kong.

Build in the 50’s; PMQ is one of those places filled with enthusiasm and exciting shopping. You can get Sunglasses, rings, handbags, earrings, etc. here.

  • Address: 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
  • Open hours : 7AM -11 PM
  • How to get there: MTR Sheung Wan station, Exit E1. 7 min walk to reach PMQ.

MTR Central station, Exit C. You can walk along Des Voeux, take central –mid-levels escalators  to Staunton Street. Go right. Whole walk 15 minutes.


HO LEE FOOK , Hong Kong

There is a ridiculous amount of great food in this area, but Ho Lee Fook has to one of my favorites. It’s a contemporary Chinese cuisine fits in really well with the cultural diversity of Central.

Good choice, Phoebe. Did you know Ho Lee Food, translate to “good fortune for your mouth?”. I had a strong appetite for the roasted Wagyu short ribs. The cool, dark and arty interiors and music in the background only increased my appetite.

  • Address: Ground floor, 1-5 Elgin St, Soho.
  • Open hours : 6PM- 12 AM
  • Price range: $101-200
  • How to get there: Sheung Wan MTR station, exit E1. 8 mins walk to the eatery.



You gotta save room for egg waffles at Oddies though. Cause they take waffles to the next level.

I heard about the eatery reputation a few years back. I wasn’t at peace until I tried it myself. The dessert and the eggettes were like killing two birds with one stone. Now I have become a regular customer to the Oddies whenever I get a chance.

  • Location: Ground floor, 45 Gough Street, Central Hong Kong.
  • Open hours: Mon to Sun 12:30-10 pm
  • How to get here: Sheung Wan MTR , Exit A2



Your final stop should defiantly be Lan Kwai Fong. This place comes alive at night.

Lan Kwan Fong is one of the most happening nightlife spots in Hong Kong. At the weekend, you will rub shoulders with fashionable locals and trendy tourist seeking for a place for having a few drinks once the sun goes down.  There are more than 80 bars and nightclubs making it one of the loudest watering holes in Hong Kong.

  • Address : Central , Hong Kong
  • Open hours : 2PM -6 AM
  • How to get there: MTR to Central station, Exit D2

Airport express to Hong Kong station, Exit B2

Take a taxi


CE LA VI BAR , Hong Kong

I will take Sky Deck Sizzle.

If you like to cool down just before you call it a day, then Ce La Vi bar rooftop bar is your spot.  At Ce La Vi, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city below. I find it best at night. If you never got a chance to eat, you can take dinner at the Ce La Vi restaurant, a few floor down the sky bar.

  • Location: 25th floor of California Tower, D’Aguilar Street, Central District.
  • Open hours: Mon and Tue 12 pm – 1 am

Wed and Thu 12 pm – 3 am

Sat 12 pm – 5 am

Sun 12 pm -12:30 am

  • How to get there: 2 min from Central Station.

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