hk airport taxi

Taxis at Hong Kong Airport

It’s really easy to take a taxi/cab from Hong Kong Airport. Once you get into the arrivals terminal, just follow the large blue signs. They’ll point you down this long corridor where there will be three types of taxis.

hk airport taxi

Red Taxis:

Go everywhere in Hong Kong. Generally the most expensive as well. If you aren’t going anywhere on Lantau Island or the New Territories, this will be for you.

Green Taxis:

Service the New Territories only.

Blue Taxis: 

Lantau Island only. Basically this would include Tung Chung or Disneyland. Most people haven’t even seen a blue taxi in Hong Kong. I was a bit shocked myself when I left took a taxi at the airport as I forget about them, oops.

The below image will show the approximate taxi fare from the airport, you can enlarge it by clicking. Keep in mind tipping is not customary in HK for taxis, you accept the full change.

hk airport taxi fare
Taxi Rates
hk airport taxi fare
Approximate taxi fares from airport to various destinations

There is rarely a queue. The taxi attendant will give you a card with the plate number for your taxi in case you have any issues. Most drivers speak basic English, but I’d always suggest having the address in Chinese if it’s not a really famous landmark or hotel. A phone number would help too, all taxi drivers have mobile phones, and some have many mobile phones to pick up fares.

If you have any issues regarding getting ripped off, or bad driving you can report it. Contact information is on the card. The agencies in Hong Kong actually do follow up with you and care that you had a good experience. Get a receipt and mark down the driver number if you have any doubts about the amount you’re paying. There’s a little plaque on the dashboard with the driver’s picture.

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