See Cantonese Opera at Hong Kong Airport free

We have previously featured posts on local art form Cantonese Opera, which is sometimes performed in Hong Kong airport. This is a good way for those passing through the airport to experience this art form free of charge.

Cantonese Opera is back at the airport, including free performances and a small exhibition. Full details are available in the airport events brochure. The events involve the Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe and the School of Chinese Opera of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

The current Cantonese opera exhibition and performance space in terminal 2 at Hong Kong airport (HK Travel Blog)

Performance Schedule

The schedule is available in the brochure link above. In short, operas or in some cases select excerpts are due to be performed as follows, all in terminal two (accessible to the public):

4 August

2 p.m. – White Dragon Outpost

2.45 p.m. – The Taming of a Princess

18 August

2 p.m. – The Tragedy of Princess Lechang

2.45 p.m. – The Western Chamber

1 September

2 p.m. – The Butterfly Lovers

2.45 p.m. – The Legend of a White Snake

15 September

2 p.m. – The Lotus Lantern

2.45 p.m. – The Dream in Peony Pavilion

29 September

2 p.m. – Sweet Intoxication of Love

2.45 p.m. – The Warrior’s Marriage

13 October

2 p.m. – The War and Never-Ending Love

2.45 p.m. – Luanzhou

27 October

2 p.m. – Tactics Against Cao Cao

2.45 p.m. – Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers

10 November

2 p.m. – Catching Sanlang Alive

2.45 p.m. – The Dainty Gallant

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