Don’t Lose Liquids, Powders or Sharp Objects at Hong Kong Airport Security

Hong Kong security has the same rules as other airports when it comes to taking through items such as liquids, lighters, sharp objects like penknifes and also now for some flights, powders.

The good news is that if you have these items in  your luggage, you  do nto necessarily need to throw them away. You have several options:

  • if you will be coming back to Hong Kong within a couple of weeks or so, you can ask for a receipt for your items. They will be kept free of charge and you can collect them upon your return. I have done this before and getting the item back on my return took only a couple of minutes.
  • landside in terminal one, there is a post office. It is open daily (to see its hours, you need to click on “Islands district”) (in fact it has the longest opening hours of any post office in HK) and has helpful staff. You will be able to post some items there to yourself or a different address, subject to the normal postal regulations. If closed,  you may try SF Express, below.
  • The courier company SF Express has a parcel collection box right beside security (after passport control) you can use to post on items which you cannot take through security. Prices are displayed on the box, shown in the photo below. The one pictured is in terminal two, but there is also one immediately after security in terminal one. SF Express also have a landside counter at aisle J in terminal one, with longer opening hours than the post office (six to midnight daily).

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