Christmas Carolers and Santa Claus at Hong Kong Airport

A joyful surprise, when waiting for my flight on Dec 26th I saw Christmas Carolers come out of no where and start singing! It was a refreshing delight from what is normally a chaotic terminal and busy time of year.

The performers were extremely professional, in-tune, well dressed, and should be commended. Wish I knew who they were so I can give them some credit.

Xmas Carolers at HKIA
Xmas Carolers at HKIA

Here’s two videos I took.

Santa Claus even came out at the end of their singing and gave out these cute Christmas hats. Sorry for the lack of Santa pics, I was too engaged with the performance to think about taking photos of him, but you know what Santa looks like.

I’m not sure of the schedule, but I would assume they’ll be there through New Year’s. The performance was around the customer service desk by Gate 40, where you come up from the airport shuttle train. I assume they roam around the airport and perform at other locations too.

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