Hong Kong Airport Express Discounts


Here are some ways to purchase Airport Express tickets at reduced prices.

Purchase via Klook

You can purchase discount Airport Express tickets at around 30% off. You purchase online and receive a voucher via e-mail. The voucher number you can provide to the MTR airport express agent and redeem the ticket, it’s very easy.


Local Travel Agents

A variety of local travel agents in Hong Kong offer reduced Airport Express tickets. The best known is Hong Thai, who explain their promotion here. However quite a few other local agents also offer discounts.

The discount varies though is often around thirty to forty per cent. You should be aware of a couple of points with most such travel agent deals:

  • if purchasing online or via e-mail, there may be a delay before you receive your voucher (though only an hour or two)
  • sometimes discounts are used to clear tickets before their expiration date. So if you are purchasing a ticket without planning to use it in the near future, you may want to check its expiration date.
Get a Group Ticket

Airport Express offers discounts for groups starting at only two people. Details are here. In the queue at the ticket office I have had other passengers ask me whether I would like to club together for a discount group ticket (each passenger is issued with individual tickets).

Show a Taxi Receipt

Until 30 June 2019, if you show a taxi receipt (min. $40) for the same day, and use an Octopus card, you get a 50% Airport Express discount for up to five passengers, from either Kowloon station or Tsing Yi station only. This is a specific but lucrative promotion.

Same Day Return

For daytrippers, note that a return ticket for the same calendar day is the same cost as a single ticket.


Cathay sometimes sells reduced Airport Express tickets in its duty free selection onboard.

Other Promotions

MTR sometimes offers short-term promotions for Airport Express tickets. We occasionally feature such, and they are listed on the MTR website.


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