Airport Express 40% Visa discount followup


Last week I posted about the promotion of 40% off Airport Express tickets for using your Visa Platinum, Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards. I have bought the tickets twice, on two separate occasions and would like to comment on my experience.

The first time I was coming back to HK and bought the ticket online, same morning of my arrival. Upon leaving the airport I hopped on the Airport Express train and redeemed the ticket upon reaching Kowloon station.

The MTR staff requires only the confirmation number AND credit card which you used. You do NOT need to print out the confirmation, simply providing them the confirmation number or showing them the email is sufficient. According to the terms and conditions you are supposed to use a Hong Kong issued card, I don’t know if they really check this. I used a HSBC card so they didn’t bat an eye, but if you use some bank they never heard of, they may or may not care. HSBC cards issued out of Hong Kong I’m sure are no problem.

The second time I purchased the ticket online about 10 minutes before I arrived at Hong Kong Station. Picked it up, no problems. Therefore, you can even theoretically buy it online via your smartphone even once you arrive and pick it up immediately and save 40%. Don’t be a tourist and pay full price!

The customer service agents did mention to me that the ticket is valid for 1 month from when you pick it up. (I do see some arbitrage opportunities, selling them to other people who are paying full price. I wonder if anyone has done that already.)


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