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Great Photo Spots at Hong Kong Airport

If you are at Hong Kong airport soon and want some good backgrounds for photographs, here are three suggestions. All are airside.

First is at Terminal One’s departure level outside, next to where airport buses drop off passengers. There are a couple of model houses with benches and flowers, which look like a European idyll and are perfect for photographs, though their connection to Hong Kong is unclear.

Photo spot 1


Next, as you walk into the terminal, you have a view looking down onto an installation by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Stanley SIu. It is called “Our City. Our Dream” and consists of over three hundred bicycle rims in red and white colours resting at different heights. It is meant to produce a contoured version of Hong Kong’s flag featuring the emblematic bauhinia flower although you can judge for yourself how well this comes across. It’s a shame that the “dream” using bicycle rims is a flag rather than something more practical for the city’s would be cyclists, who are woefully underserved.

You can also see this at the arrivals level, but the effect is better from higher up.

Our City Our Dream

Thirdly, some traditional Chinese culture is on display at the far end of checkin counters J and K. There, as part of a demonstration of traditional paper crafting technique, is a large-scale dragon which would be a great photo backdrop. These dragons are usually only seen in Hong Kong around particular festival times or special events, so it’s a convenient way for visitors to be sure of seeing one during their time in HK. This dragon was originally only supposed to be in situ until last March, so see it while you can.


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