Free Priority Pass with SCB or Cathay Pacific Credit Card


Want to find out a way to get a free Priority Pass? The Priority Pass card will let you into hundreds of lounges around the world. If you reside in Hong Kong, there’s a few choices.

The well-heeled can get the Priority Pas card through Standard Chartered. The Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card is a Visa Infinite card which provides cardholders with a free PP. Keep in mind you need to be a Priority Banking customer, which means $60,000+ monthly salary direct deposit or $1,000,000 in bank assets.

  • As the principal cardholder, Priority Pass™ membership is yours. You can enjoy complimentary access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.

For the rest of us, you can sign-up for the Cathay Pacific Elite American Express card. Honestly I think this card isn’t very good, except for the lounge benefits.

  • Local Spent: HK$8= 1 Asia Mile
  • Overseas Spent: HK$8= 2 Asia Miles
  • First-year annual fee waiver of HK$1,800
  • Complimentary Priority PassTM in the first 12-month Cardmembership tenure and unlimited Plaza Premium Lounge access all year-round for you and your Supplementary Cardmembers
  • Complimentary Green tier membership to The Marco Polo Club
  • Your annual Card fee of HK$1,800 will be waived for the following year simply by spending HK$150,000 annually or if you hold The Marco Polo Club Silver membership tier (or above) at the time of your annual Card fee renewal

CX Amex

Basically since this credit card will waive the annual fee for the first year, you can apply, receive the card and lounge benefits for one year, then cancel. You don’t even need to charge anything to the card of you don’t want to. Compared with benefits US credit cards provide, Hong Kong credit cards are terrible.

If you’re looking to accrue Asia Miles, 1 Asia Mile per $8 is terrible. You can get 1 Asia Miles per $6 spending with the DBS Black Card. But as I’ve mentioned in other articles, you shouldn’t even be accruing Asia Miles if you can avoid it.

Also, one benefit of obtaining your Priority Pass outside of the U.S. is that you’re eligible to use United Airlines Club lounges in the U.S. US Priority Club members don’t have this access.



  1. Hi how are you getting away with having to pay the ‘management’ fees for the SC priority banking account, with under $1m? I get my Manager to waive the fees but I don’t know how long this can go on for, seeing that I’m hardly ever topping it up

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  3. Amex HK have just changed their terms-as usual for the worse as they will only allow 4 free visits to priority pass lounges on renewal!

  4. Just a few comments:

    – For SCB Priority banking, are you sure the figures are right? As I understand it if you have a salary account with them or a mortgage, your balance can be HK$500k, otherwise it has to be HK$1million. I wasn’t aware of the HK$60k monthly salary requirement. Also, they often do the first year without the minimum requirements.

    – You also missed out the Citi Prestige Card: which also offers Priority Pass. Yes, the annual fee for is HK$2.5k, but first year benefits are pretty good, namely up to 40K asia miles and a free stay at an Anantara for two nights in Thailand (OK not the best resorts in the world, but pretty good overall).

    – There are other banks that offer free PP for their premier / priority customers, or whatever you call them such as Hang Seng Bank.

    – Finally you say, “you shouldn’t even be accruing Asia Miles if you can avoid it.” – Are you able to post where you have said this in the past?

    • Hi Browngeek,

      The figures are based on the loan person I spoke w/ at the bank. They won’t approve the CC without $1m in the bank at time of application or $60K/mo salary, this has nothing to do with obtaining a priority banking account, it’s two separate things. I have Priority Banking with SC but have less than $1m in the account and they told me this.

      I will have to look into the Prestige Card, but I wasn’t planning on including any credit cards that I need to pay for. I was trying to research “FREE” priority pass access for my frugal self and readers. If you know of other free ones feel free to let me know!

      I’ve commented on many previous posts about other airline’s award program about how the Asia Miles program is usually comparatively worse, I’ll have a post coming out in the next few days comparing BA Avios vs Asia Miles, stay tuned!

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