Best time of the year to tour Hong Kong

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong? There is no specific answer to that as it all comes to personal preference. However, the two major reasons why visitors bother to check this kind of information is because of hotel rates and weather.

Hotel rates vary as per demand. When the number of visitors is high, the rates rise as well. When they reduce, the rates reduce. Hong Kong weather is quite unpredictable. This is why visitors are advised to carry an umbrella at all times. However, there is a distinct weather pattern at different times of the year. Regarding the weather, some might find it not suitable while other take the opportunity of the cheap hotel rates to visit Hong Kong.

October to December

Most people find the months of between October and December as the best time to visit Hong Kong. This is because the temperature at such period of time is comfortable and the roommates reasonable. Come New Year, the temperature remains okay, but the hotel prices significantly increase. To avoid high cost, avoid Chinese national holidays which happens at the begging of October or when there is a world summit.

January to March

The cool temperature at this period discourage some travellers. However, Chinese tourists don’t mind as they flock Hong Kong for Chinese holidays. As a result, the hotel rates bump up. Temperatures range between lows 60s and 70s during the day. At such temperatures, the harbours are swept with fog making pictures less clear. For such reason, it’s advisable not to visit at the period if you’re looking for the best panoramic photos of the harbour.


These months are characterized by spring temperatures and humidity. There is a likelihood of some fog in early April but it soon clears. The room rates are average unless your visit corresponds with the tourist wave that accompanies festivals and national holidays. Humidity starts to creep up around this time and the air conditioners are starting to get turned on full blast.

June to September

This is summer in Hong Kong. The weather is characterized by hot and muggy temperatures. The chances of typhoons occurring are high. Regardless, the weather does not dampen traveller’s mood or dip the hotel rates like in the past. If you are after dry weather and cheap hotel rates, look elsewhere at least for the period.

Factors such as air tickets are slightly affected by the tour seasons. However, local transport prices are stable. To ensure that you don’t get any surprises book accommodation in advance. Otherwise, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets to cater for the sky high accommodation prices that accompany major festival.

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