Be Brave: Try These Delicacies In Hong Kong According To FlightHub

Like most vacations, a trip to any foreign country is not just a trip for you, but your stomach as well. Hong Kong is such a place. With a variety of delicacies that are, shall I say, unique to Western appetites, there are some foods that you need to try. I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency based in North America, about what people should expect food-wise when travelling to Hong Kong. They gave me three delicacies that aren’t exactly traditional courses in the Western world, but can be expected to be seen in Hong Kong.

1,000 Year Old Egg

1000 year old egg

It ain’t quite 1,000 years old, but it’s old enough that it could make some people second guess their dietary choices. The 1,000 year old egg is simply duck or quail eggs that are buried in clay, sand, and a salt mixture and left underground for several months. The result, according to FlightHub, is an egg that turns black or brown with green interior that smells exactly like what you might think an egg that has been buried underground might smell like. These eggs are either served whole or in noodle dishes. This may be too much to stomach for foreign tourists, but worth a shot if you want an authentic culinary experience.

Birds Nest Soup


While it’s called Birds Nest Soup, don’t imagine eggs. This delicacy is actually made from the harvesting and collection of swiftlet saliva according to FlightHub’s review. Yes swiftlet is a bird, and saliva is saliva. Now, don’t be too worried, this saliva is mixed with chicken broth to form gelatinous mix that is revered for its health benefits in Hong Kong.

Turtle Jelly

Turtle Jelly HK

Not for the nature lovers out there, turtle jelly is something of a controversial dish in the eyes of those who haven’t been exposed to it as a traditional dish. Comprised of boiled turtle innards, the restaurants that serve turtle jelly aren’t hard to miss due to the piles of turtle shells they accumulate. They are often boiled for up to 12 hours and served with herbs as a soup-like jelly.

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