Getting Between Terminals at Incheon airport

If you need to get between terminals at Incheon airport (near Seoul) and are transferring, you can follow the transfer signs. There is a free shuttle train which runs every five minutes. It takes a couple of minutes between terminal two and a concourse station, from where a similar train takes a couple more minutes  to most gates within terminal one, and vice versa.

If you have passed outside immigration control, the easiest option is the free shuttle bus offered by the airport.


The timetable from terminal one to terminal two is as follows. The bus stops at a fire station en route.

From terminal two to terminal one, the timetable is as follows. The bus stops at the Hyatt hotel en route (apologies for the poor picture quality – Korea’s obsession with digitilisation sometimes comes at the cost of useability).

Outwith those times unfortunately, a taxi or ride hailing service would be the best option, at 10 – 20,000 won. The terminals are some miles apart without a path, so walking is not to be recommended.


From terminal one, the bus stop is outside door eight on the departure level (level three). There are a couple of bus stops close by each other – the shuttle bus one is clearly marked.

From terminal two, the bus stop is outside door five on the departure level (level three).


The journey takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. The bus looks as follows.

Inside there are only a few seats, and no designated luggage space.

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