Sale Airfares to Japan on JAL, ANA, and Cathay


Cathay Pacific has been running a lot of couples sales lately, where two passengers traveling together get cheap fares. Obviously this isn’t good if you’re traveling alone, but JAL has a good price for single travelers as well. Lastly, ANA of course is following suit, but for two pax only.


JL sale to Tokyo for $1,800 HKD (min 2 pax) or $2,200 (1 pax)
Book by June 27th, travel Aug 27th – Dec 14th


CX sale to Tokyo/Nagoya for $2,000 HKD (min 2 pax) or $3,500 (1 pax, yikes!)
Book by June 27th, travel by June 27th


ANA sale to Tokyo for $1,900 HKD (min 2 pax)
Book by June 28, 2012, travel by June 29th


If I was flying alone, I’d definitely jump on the JAL deal. JL and CX/ANA also have different eligible travel dates which is nice, so you can take CX or ANA if you are traveling this month, and JAL in the fall. If you are going elsewhere in Japan, JAL is also offering a domestic sector add-on for a very reasonable $450.


Good time to visit Japan, just be aware of the exchange rate. 1 HKD = 10.22 JPY as of June 10, 2012.


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