Japan Coin Lockers at Train Stations


Interesting web site for Japan travelers. Recently I was searching for a place to store my bags during a quick trip to Tokyo, and was flying into Haneda (HND) and out of Narita (NRT) so I couldn’t leave the bags at the airport. I also didn’t want to lug all my luggage to my friend’s apartment for a short stay so was wondering where else I can keep them. Having previously gone to Japan, I know there are lockers all over place, especially at the train stations but unaware of the prices and if they’re large enough to fit my luggage. 

Fortunately there is a web site called, http://coinlockersearch.com/. It’s in Japanese but Google translate works pretty well. 

This web site provides:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Price
  • Number of lockers
  • Payment method
  • Usage Times

It’s super handy and provides probably more information than you’d expect. The only thing I wish it did but doesn’t, is tell you how many of each locker type is available at any given time, now that’d be cool.

By the way, in case you missed it, Peach Airlines is the new budget airlines flying between Hong Kong and Osaka these days. For Tokyo you’ll still have to take CX, NH, JL, UA, or DL, but at least you can use Avios for a cheap 10,000 mile redemption on CX or JL.



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