Taking a Helper With You on Holiday – The Insurance Requirement

Taking a Helper With You on Holiday – The Insurance Requirement

Planning that next family vacation? Many Hong Kong residents get used to the plentiful help they have with their children while living in the HKSAR. Sometimes they forget that there will be no help when taking that next holiday.

What some find is that they can enjoy their holidays and be much more relaxed if they bring their help. Want to take your HK domestic helper with you on vacation?

Depending on the country visited and the nationality of your helper, the visa process can be very complicated, particularly for the United States and France (these involve applications, interviews, contracts and adjustment of wages, among other things). Your best resource will always be the local HK embassy of the destination country.

This article isn’t about that as that’s not our area of expertise and the requirements vary significantly.

However, what is common to all countries visited that require a visa for the helper is that travel medical insurance will be required.

Where to start looking for insurance for the helper? The insurance decision is quite similar to the Schengen Visa insurance requirement (and is actually the same if you’re visiting a Schengen country).

The Bare Minimum
If you are simply looking for the bare minimum to have the visa approved, look no further.

With HKD 300,000 medical coverage and Unlimited Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance and Repatriation, the Ping An Economic Plan gets the box checked at the most affordable price in the market.

Note that for any single trip travel insurance policy, the coverage has to overlap with the departure from & return to Hong Kong (i.e. the policy must use your flight dates), as any local Hong Kong policy uses Hong Kong as “home” and must originate & conclude in Hong Kong.

Want something more robust? Take a look at some of our other articles discussing Travel Insurance for Hong Kong residents.

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