The Mira Hotel Promotions

The Mira is a hip and trendy hotel in TST. They run a lot of online promotions, which I’ve shared on the HK Travel Blog Facebook page. They also annouce a lot of promotions on Twitter @TheMiraHongKong. This past week I was lucky enough to be the winner of a six-course wine dinner!
I feel like a VIP!

The night started with a cocktail, then the dinner and wine pouring started! The staff and managers were all very polite and treated me graciously. I met the managing director of the Klein Constantia, Hans Astrom which was a bonus.

Honey glazed eel

All in all, I tried seven different wines and enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal, all courtesy of The Mira. In return the least I could do was blog about the great experience I had and encourage my readers to sign up for their contests when they occur. These wine dinners are a great opportunity if you like to drink, they just kept coming around and around with wine…too bad it was a Tuesday so I had to work the next day.

Winner of a nice bottle of dessert wine!
Lastly, I thought the bathroom had some of the coolest urinals I’ve seen in awhile, very geometric.
(Disclosure: I was not paid or approached to write this blog; I don’t even know if they know I write a blog.)
Modern urinal

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