My stay at the New Otani Inn Tokyo

The New Otani Inn Tokyo has a great location in Shinagawa prefecture. It’s directly across the street from the Osaki train station on the Yamanote line. It’s super easy to walk to from the train station, just take the bridge across the street from the North Exit of Osaki Station and it’s about a 1 – 2 minute easy walk. You don’t even need to go onto the street since the hotel and lobby are located on the 2nd floor where the bridge is. There is a Lawson’s conveniently outside the entrance as well and pharmacy, supermarket, and small mall attached in the same building.

Honestly location will be the reason you pick this hotel, it won’t be because of it’s modern amenities. The hotel is basically a flashback to the 1980s, which is unfortunate compared to the New Otani in Yokohama which I also stayed at.

Check-in was smooth, staff had a difficult time with English, but I appreciate them trying and being patient. The key is still a physical key which I find unsafe and honestly, just a pain because I have to carry a key around or leave it at the front desk everytime I leave. Also, lobby is still super dated as well.

Dim long hallway
Dim long hallway

I stayed in two different rooms because I wanted non-smoking but they didn’t have any the first night. The smoking room was actually a little nicer than the non-smoking room. For some reason they didn’t update all of the rooms the same, but it still wasn’t great. Bathroom was original for sure. There isn’t even Wi-Fi in the rooms, are you kidding me? Luckily I had a data card which I reviewed here. Continuing with the old theme, there was even a machine in the hallway to buy a card to watch TV. Without the card there were only probably about 5 channels, sad.

Looks nice in the picture, but up-close it's dated.
Looks nice in the picture, but up-close it’s dated.
Usual 80s bathroom in Japan
Usual 80s bathroom in Japan, tiny though.

Overall, as mentioned the hotel is old, old, and old. I’d only stay here if you want a good location next to the train station, otherwise give it a skip an look for a property a little more updated. I’m really surprised they haven’t renovated this property since rates weren’t cheap and it has a very nice location. I feel like if they renovated this hotel, it can really be a stellar property.

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