Sheraton Macau Review

The Sheraton Macao Hotel is the newest property in the Sheraton chain. They do have a few opening offers, including one here for $1,388. My rate was $1,388 on a Friday night including breakfast in the morning.

Upon arriving at Macau Taipa ferry terminal, I took one of the green coach buses to the hotel. Getting off the bus, the hotel bellboys greeted an English couple but didn’t really help us. I guess because we are Chinese and blended in with the rest of the tourist crowd. -1 point there. There’s a tropical theme to the hotel and it appears to be what I imagine Tahiti or Fiji to be like.

BTW the picture below isn’t me, it’s my friend Dixon who just got married this past weekend, congrats.

Dancers at Sheraton Macao Lobby

However, on a positive note there was plenty of people working at the front desk and didn’t have to wait more than 15 seconds. Check-in was accurate, but slow for three rooms. She had to find the available rooms, when I requested them to be adjacent, and they weren’t. I thought this was weird since I received two e-mails after reserving confirming the adjacent rooms, so I assumed they’d be blocked. (I’m sure they weren’t full on a Thursday.) -1 another point.

Room entrance hallway, nice and roomy.

The room was nice and spacious, clean, no complaints there. Good job to the housekeepers. The beds are actually wider than twin, probably closer to a small double.

Twin Room

Two twin bedded room was modernly appointed with the normal amenities. Didn’t notice any special amenities. Room service menu looked reasonably priced for a upscale hotel. One major service fail was with the concierge, plain and simple, they’re not very good. Asked about the famous go-karting track, which is recently closed down. They didn’t even know Macau had go-karting, in English or Cantonese. Had to do some research then called back 10 minutes later to confirm it’s closed. Second request involved asking about steak house recommendations. All the concierge did was print out the descriptions from the Venetian’s web site, whoop dee do. Useless. -1 point.

Ended up eating at The Kitchen at the Grand Lisboa. Steaks were tasty, about $450-600 each. Appetizers super overpriced and tiny portion, skip those. They had a nice looking buffet bar too.

Spacious toilet with separate shower and tub

Side view of the ‘strip’ from the room. Better than nothing I suppose, but not great. Weather was gloomy and didn’t get to use the pool, but it looked nice.

View at the Conrad next door, and the Venetian across the street

Forgot to take pictures of the breakfast buffet, but it was at the restaurant Feast. Cut through the casino to get there, don’t follow the signs outside, it’s a super long walk. Food was mainly Chinesey with some Western offerings including fresh waffles. I thought it was an OK selection, but not fantastic for a supposed 5* hotel.

Upon check-out had more issues since at express check-out they wanted me to sign something, I couldn’t just drop the key in like a normal property, not very express. Then I went to the front desk to check out and they wanted to charge me some Unicef donations without letting me know. I don’t mind donating to charity, but at least tell me before shadily just adding them to the bills. Lastly I asked them to charge the card I left the deposit with at check-in and they required me to produce the card. I didn’t have it on my and was so turned off at the check-out experience that I just told them to express check out and use that card and walked away. Ridiculous.

Overall my stay was pleasant, mainly because the rooms were brand new and everything clean. However, if you require any type of service or assistance I don’t recommend this hotel since the staff appear untrained. On the bright side, I did receive instant Gold status after this stay with the SPG promotion.


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