Review: POP! Hotel in Jakarta

POP! is a chain with multiple locations across Indonesia. They are similar to a number of other chains there, which offer fairly basic accommodation in popular areas packaged up in a colourful branding.

I recently stayed at the POP! in Kemang, Jakarta. I suspect that the different properties are fairly similar.

On the plus side, the location was good, the staff were friendly and helpful, and included in the price was a simple breakfast in the common area on the ground floor. The room was also much bigger than you would get in an equivalent hotel in HK.

On the downside, the condition was bad (the sheets had multiple holes), the sink layout was small, the shower would not stay in place so I had to hold it in my hand to use it, and the shower and toilet being next to each other meant that using the shower soaked the toilet.

Additionally I do not like the juvenile, primary colour branding, the television turned on automatically whenever entering the room, which annoyed me, and the nonstop piped music in the corridor leaked through the fairly thin door.

The walk in price was around IDR419,000 ($245) – not expensive but not really great value either. I think you could find better value staying at a local family run hotel.

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