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Attitude on Granville is a relatively new boutique hotel which opened in 2016, operated by the Soravit group. The theme is Hong Kong, which is pretty appropriate if you’re visiting! Attitude on Granville is located in the heart of TST, and there’s access to a million places to shop, eat, and play nearby. Not to mention Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station is less than a 5 minutes walk away, so easy to get around the city.

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Address: 20 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2105 3888

Attitude: Signage

Check-in was easy, and I didn’t have to wait. The lobby is actually located up on the 5th floor, so you’ll need to go upstairs before you can get your keys. I’d like to mention the front desk agent was smart enough to ask for my friend’s name who was coming in the day after in case I wasn’t present when he arrived. Nice catch as I didn’t even think of that at the moment.

Attitude: Front Desk

Lobby while small, is cute and decorated with materials and signage that’ll feel familiar to you if you’ve been in Hong Kong a bit. There’s some seating, a business center with quality Apple computers, and work table. There’s also a fancy tea/coffee machine if you’re thirsty. I like the amount of amenities in the small space, and the art really make the space very inviting and interesting to the eye. For example, the cubed walls are reminiscent of the public housing estates in Choi Hung.

Attitude: Lobby
Attitude: Tea//Coffee
Attitude: Art
Attitude: Computer Workstations

I was lucky enough to stay in a studio suite, and was happy with the size of the room. With a separate living-room area, it was large enough to move around and place my luggage. The bedroom area was separated which was nice and helped add some definition to the room. The sofa converts into a sofa-bed too which is good if you have a few people staying together. Note, I did find the twin beds a little short, so if you’re over 5’10” your legs might dangle. Get a double-bed or use the sofa bed to solve that issue.

Attitude: Twin Bed Suite
Attitude: Suite Living Area
Attitude: Suite Bed Area

The décor of the hotel and rooms are really cool. With all of the HK references, you really feel as though you’re spending the night at a unique property, instead of a usual boring box type hotel. There’s graffiti and signs of HK all around.

The bathroom was neat too, decorated with some 1970s Hong Kong style tiles. I actually thought they were Spanish/Moroccan looking, and added quite a bit of character. While there was no tub, the shower was large and spacious, and you get a large basin sink as well.

Attitude: Suite Bath Tiles

Attitude: Suite Bath Shower

Housekeeping was great. The rooms were cleaned properly each day and I didn’t have any concern. In the morning I left the please clean my room sign, and it was cleaned by noon! I like how efficient and thorough they were.

If you happen to be coming from overseas, you’re welcome to use the free handy phone in the room. It allows you to make phone calls to popular countries and use for local internet and phone service during your stay. I was able to use it to call my airline and make some flight changes.

Attitude: Handy Phone
Attitude: Suite Room Art

I really enjoyed my stay here. While it doesn’t have all of the fancy services and amenities of a larger hotel, you aren’t paying for those services neither. One gripe was the elevator, as there are two restaurants on the 3rd and 4th floors, it can be slow during meal times. By the way, I was able to enjoy lunch at Yum Cha while I was there, here’s some pictures. Urban Park is the other restaurant on the 4th floor. I only went up there to use the loo as the 3rd floor toilet was blocked.

Yum Cha: Goldfish dish
Yum Cha: Cartoon Dim Sum

Food was unique at Yum Cha, they have cartoon style dim sum. Definitely worth checking out if you’ve never seen that before. They’re not owned by the hotel though, so I couldn’t charge the bill to my room. I left my wallet in the room so my friend had to pay, guess not the worst situation. 😀

Lastly, I did have a chance to check out a smaller room as well, here are the pictures. I still found those rooms pleasant and large enough to fit your luggage (which isn’t always the case in HK.) They’re all similarly designed, but each room has a slightly unique feel theme.

Attitude: Elite/Cozy Room
Attitude: Elite/Cozy Bathroom
Attitude: Elite/Cozy Room Art

Attitude on Granville is a great choice if you’re on a moderate budget, want someplace unique to stay, and located in prime TST. I thoroughly enjoyed the old school Hong Kong feel, and provides a unique experience vs a typical hotel. The staff were also friendly and helpful whenever I interacted with them! I hope to stay here again in the future.

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Address: 20 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2105 3888

This stay was provided by Soravit. All content and opinions expressed are true and original to the author.

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