Residence Inn by Marriott Wailea, Maui Review

I’m staying here at the Residence Inn in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. It’s a brand new property, opened in early August.


The property isn’t terribly large, and has suites, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom suites with fairly large kitchens. Great for families and groups. There’s a decent amount of amenities such as:

  • large pool, around 4 feet deep max,
  • hot tub/jacuzzi,
  • 5 BBQs,
  • Basketball court,
  • Small putting green,
  • Giant Jenga and connect 4 games,
  • Decently sized gym
  • Laundry machines ($3 for a load ea washer/dryer)
  • Bar
  • Part-time concierge
Swimming pool
Swimming pool


Check-in was fairly easy but there were some service issues. Requested room with a view, or partial, that didn’t happen. Ended up getting a room facing a dirt hill with construction machines, but if I stuck my head out to the side I could see the ocean. Upon providing me the keys, she told me the room number verbally, which is always a no no due to safety (in case someone in the lobby hears.) Requested 4 keys, 3 of the 4 worked when I got up to my room.


Agent, Alicia, asked if I was parking a car, I said yes, she said $20 per day, I said ok. Also, I was wondering if there was a parking pass I needed so I had to go back and ask about the parking pass and someone said yes you should’ve gotten one. I mean, if you’re going to ask and charge me $20 per day, give me the pass. I should’ve probably gotten a ticket from the hotel and got them to refund me the parking fee instead. There’s a non-existent gate that’s not completed yet, so the public can still drive in and out of the lot.

At check-in I also asked for extra towels and a rollaway bed which they said was free when I called last week. Of course they told me it’s $20 a day so I didn’t bother with the rollaway, at least get your prices straight. Don’t tell someone it’s free then ask for a charge.

Firepits and Seating during day
Firepits and Seating during day

Room Changes

Really didn’t care for the dirt view so asked the next day to switch rooms. Spoke with Kody who found a room we could switch to, who was nice and accommodating. It was on the 2nd floor with easier access to the lobby, parking, and pool vs our original room too, so that was a plus.

Living room and kitchen
Living room and kitchen

I asked how full the hotel was to gauge my chance of switching. Kody told me it was full but I highly doubt him since the Alicia told me 40% occupancy the day before when I checked-in and most of the rooms don’t have the lights on at night. I didn’t even see close to 40% of the rooms occupied based on the lighting, although that’s not scientific but a decent gauge on my experience.


In-Room Experience

I stayed in the 1-bedroom suite with 2 queen beds. Room is fairly spacious about 500 sq ft, the kitchen is exceptionally large. I’d prefer they shrink the kitchen and make the living area larger, it seems a bit squished as the TV and desk takes up the whole wall.


Everything was brand new of course and in good condition. It was weird how my first room was slightly larger and had a tub, vs the second room had a standing shower only in the bathroom.

All rooms have a sofabed in the living room which is nice, but the mattress is mushy as with all sofa beds. I actually put a sheet on the floor and slept on that one night, was not too bad, lol. Imagine those Japanese hard sleeping surfaces. I think sleeping on the sofa cushions is better than the mattress since they’re still firm. Maybe in a month or later it’ll soften up.

Bathroom had 4 of each towels but certainly not enough toiletries. A party of 4 is supposed to share one shampoo and soap?

Kitchen is well stocked with pots and pans and kitchen tools. No need to bring any utensils.

Plenty of power ports in the living room, although I would’ve appreciated more USB ports, or especially an outlet next to the bed. Only one USB outlet. That was a weird fail in 2016.


Lots of carbs! 4 waffle machines which keeps waiting at a minimum. Your basic breakfast items, cereals, minimal friends, yogurt, few bagels/breads, eggs, canadian bacon, sausage. Coffee and juices, but no apple juice which I thought was odd. No tea neither, or at least didn’t see any. And no tea in the room, only coffee there too. I had to call housekeeper to bring us some tea bags.

Service Levels

Everyone is pretty friendly, but maybe not fully trained. It was still a soft-opening and I believe the grand opening is September 16. There were certainly some fails during my check-in and there just don’t seem like there’s many people working here.

While it looks like a 4 star hotel, it’s actually only 3 stars because it’s intended for longer stays. For example, there’s no one welcoming the car upon arrival & no bell boys. It’s basically do everything yourself, but that’s the Residence Inn model, just feels odd in Wailea because there’s all these full-service resorts next door.

Housekeeping was quick in brining random blankets and towels though, so kudos to them.


Overall the hotel is nice, only thing I really didn’t like is that it’s not next to the beach and I wouldn’t consider it walkable, although you could. There’s a big hill walking back up from the beach and you’d probably be the only one walking around.

Time will tell how the hotel ages and how they handle full occupancy. If you’re looking for a family friendly, nice and new property this is a good choice. Keep in mind it’s not on the beach nor full-service.


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  • I chose this property because I wanted a 1 br, there were 4 of us. And it was relatively price friendly and in the nicer part of Maui. Also being brand new I figured the facilities would be in good condition.

    I also wanted to be closer to the airport and road to Hana. Properties in West Maui are further.

    We really didn’t need the rollaway so I didn’t push it, the sofa bed is a queen size fyi.

  • Curious, why did you choose the Residence Inn? Was it room size or price (points/cash)? I would have insisted on getting rollaway bed for free if that was what you were told…

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