My thoughts: Mac users see pricier hotels on Orbitz


There’s been a lot of hoopla over the couple of days about Orbitz’ data mining and utilizing the information they’ve gained to display different search results for PC vs Mac. Mac users tend to book higher priced hotels and rooms, which I don’t think is a big secret since Apple buyers are generally more affluent vs PC users. (Does explain why I love my deals and my windows PC)


Here’s a link to an article on the WSJ

I don’t see why there is such rage about this, most web sites nowadays customize based on cookies anyway. Plus you can always sort the results by price instead of using the default search result. Even for PC users they’ll still give you a mixture of different results, so my savvy readers should always sort by price on any web site.


Personally I’ve never like Orbitz’ interface and much prefer to use Travelocity or Expedia, but Orbitz does allow many cities on a multi-city filght search, Travelocity only 4. (Just a tidbit, 32% of my readers use some Apple OS to access my blog. and 68% PC or non-Apple OS.)


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