Laterooms Asakusa View Hotel Tokyo: 1,900 yen rate!


On Laterooms, it appears you can book a cancelable room for the Asakusa View Hotel in Tokyo. The rate is only JPY 1,900 yen on October 22nd, 2012 vs 19,000 yen normally. If you plan on being in Tokyo that day, as I am, book this now! Website says nearly full.


I’m pretty sure this is an error, but it’s a bit weird that every room is full on October 23rd, and the pricing error is only on the superior double. I hope they honor it, I’m not paying 19,000 yen. (If you see a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk outside the Asakusa View Hotel that night, it’s probably because they didn’t honor the rate.)




    • I am wondering the same as I am arriving very late into Tokyo if my dates don’t change. Maybe can try calling the hotel to reconfirm your reservation, including the rate. That should work ok.

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