10% Coupon through May 6


Last week I posted about a coupon which expired on April 25th. has informed me of another coupon code, valid through May 6th, for travel through Sept 30, 2013.

Save 10% on your hotel with the coupon HOTELDEALS13! Book by 5/6/13, Travel by 9/30/13. Some restrictions apply

This coupon is great since, unlike the previous one, doesn’t require booking via a mobile channel. If it doesn’t work on the local site, try switching to the US site for the coupon to work.


I also want to address the comment from Sandra last week. “They offer this coupon very often via their newsletters, website etc. You don’t save anything because they will not count your booking for collecting free nights (every 10th night is for free = 10%). So nothing special about this offer.”

While her comments are certainly true about the 10% discount being equal to the rewards program, I do feel there is some upside with using the coupon. The most obvious would be that you get the discount immediately, versus waiting until you book ten nights to redeem. Second would be for infrequent travelers who may not rack up ten nights quickly, if ever. So the 10% coupon will allow those travelers to enjoy the discount without reaching the 10 night threshold. In all cases, I’d always take the instant discount if allowed, rather than accrue the bonus for later redemption.


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