Cheap hotel deals in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an exciting, culturally diverse location, where East meets West in glorious Asian style. With elements of the Western way of life combined with traditional Chinese practices, even the food reflects this clash, with dim sum and fast food restaurants side by side and Buddhist temples rubbing shoulders with entertainment centers. The throbbing city life is made all the more interesting by cultural anomalies, such as quirky superstitions and an obsession with martial arts cinema.

Where to stay?

When visiting such a fascinating place, finding the right accommodation for the trip can be very important, and just as important is finding it at the right price. There are plenty of deals to be found in Hong Kong when it comes to hotels, and it’s a big consideration for travelers to the area to ensure that they find suitable accommodation to suit their needs and their budget.

As with anywhere else in the world, the best way for a party to find cheap hotel deals in Hong Kong is to shop around and consider all the available options. Hotels will often list different asking prices for their rooms in different places, even if the rooms are the same size. There are many factors that affect hotel room prices, so visitors to Hong Kong may find the same hotel online offered at a different price to their quote when they contact the hotel directly. It is true that when a hotel of interest is found, it may be possible to find rooms at that same hotel for a lower cost through a different website, or through a travel agent as part of a package deal. Sometimes it will be cheaper online, and sometimes it will be cheaper to contact the hotel directly, depending on the time of booking and the hotel in question.

If travelers have their heart set on one particular hotel, leaving the booking until the last minute can be very expensive. If, however, they are less choosy about where they stay, last minute websites can reward late bookings with good quality hotels that have vacant rooms at low prices.

Travelers to Hong Kong can’t be blamed for wishing to visit the big tourist attractions such as Ocean Park and Hong Kong’s Disneyland, both of which are huge theme parks that accommodate thousands of international visitors every year. Sights popular among visitors include the breathtaking skyscraper skyline, much documented and a famous image of Hong Kong, and the Happy Valley Racecourse where crowds flock to watch horse racing and other race events. Tourists also enjoy taking trips in the Ngong Ping Cable Car, a stunning way to see the city.

Often, Hong Kong hotels located close to tourist attractions will ask higher prices regardless of the quality of the hotel or the number of stars it boasts. Some visitors won’t be willing to stay further away from their desired location, but the more open minded a visitor is about their hotel’s location, the more likely they are to find a great deal to suit them.


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