Review: Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel


The biggest selling point for this hotel is its location. The building may be an ugly modern block, but it is directly across from the airport. A complimentary airport shuttle operates every half hour or so. But at a push it’s actually walkable from the airport to the hotel – the traffic and perimeter fence make it a bit inconvenient, but the distance is very short.

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There is also a Parkson department store next door and a host of coffee shops and local eateries just a short walk away (great options between the hotel and the airport, on the right).


The lobby is decently sized and has some seats though not very comfortable ones. It also contains an American coffee shop (Starbucks) and a number of benches with power points for working.

The rooftop has a good sized pool outdoors, as well as a fitness room indoors. Next to the pool is a rooftop bar. On one hand, having a rooftop bar at an airport hotel is a great convenience for those passing through briefly but who want some atmosphere where they stay. On the other hand, this rooftop bar had club not bar volume music. Eight floors beneath it, with the windows closed, my attempt at an afternoon map was scuppered by its hours of insistent beats.

The Room

This is a classic Ibis room, by which I mean it feels a bit cramped and lacks sympathetic decoration.

Instead there is a somewhat poorly considered layout, making it feel a bit cramped in the bedroom but especially in the bathroom. In fact the bathroom had no bath, just a low quality shower which was not adjustable above a certain fairly low height. It also lacked amenities – no bar soap, for example.

There is a good desk area next to the window. There was also a sort of backless bench and thin shelves, which seemed like an odd use of space in what was quite a constrained space.

The design using bright colours like red and an aviation themed quotation across the wall was straight out of the design book of a large chain seeking to make a room look what they felt was trendy, on a minimal budget. I found it neither aesthetically attractive, locally relevant, or restful.

Ibis has a design problem generally in my view and here it was clear. In the bathroom, for example, the towel rack was so low that the towels had to be hung on it folded in half, or else they would trail on the floor. This is basic, basic design stuff that a single hotel has no excuse to get wrong, let alone a chain with thousands of properties to its name.

The room was also littered with leaflets advertising various things but not in a useful way for me: I had to phone down to reception to request a wifi password, which oddly wasn’t on the leaflets on the bed, desk, bedside table or elsewhere.

The room was spotlessly clean.


The staff were friendly and responsive across the board.


If you want somewhere very close to the airport to lay your head for a night, this place could be worth considering. But if you want to be in town, feel in any way local or want a well designed hotel you may be better advised to head into the city centre.

Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel

2 Hong Ha Street
Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM

Tel: (+84)28/3848 5556

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