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Rediscovering My Heritage – Asia Pacific

One of the hidden beauties of Asia Pacific is the mix of culture and heritage across the entire region, and the respect for individual cultures. The mix of heritage and history found in a single city is what makes each place unique, be it Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul or Tokyo.

Discovering your heritage through books and internet search is very different from experiencing the lifestyle and the place firsthand. While traveling between cities and multiple destinations may cost quite a bit; the experience learning about your heritage is priceless. It’s not just about discovering new places, but about rediscovering yourself and can be thoroughly eye-opening.

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What prompted me to write this article and to plan my own route to rediscover beautiful India is an e-mail from Accor that showcased beautiful photos of unique cultures; as part of the hotel group’s exclusive offer for Asia Pacific travelers: Accor Always On.

Usually, when I travel multiple cities and destinations, accommodation is almost always a headache. Is it difficult to get to? Will the rooms be alright? The fact that the Accor Always On offer is about low prices for accommodations in Asia Pacific till end of 2014, started me thinking about taking my holiday break visiting multiple cities in India. As it is Accor Hotels, it would make my multiple-stops journey much more convenient and I’d be more confident about where I’d be staying each night.

Are you ready to rediscover your heritage in Asia Pacific during your next holiday break? If you are, then I recommend checking out Accor Always On.

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