Hong Kong Taxi Guide

Note taxi fares are increasing slightly Apr 9, 2017.

Taxis are relatively cheap, starting at $22/HKD for 2 km, but you’ll be subject to any horrendous traffic conditions there might be. Don’t recommend traveling in a taxi during rush hour if you can avoid it, public transportation is always a wise choice in HK. There are different color taxis in HK and the fares are cheaper for each one down the list.

  • Red taxis – Everywhere in HK. Only color that can service HK Island and Kowloon.
  • Green taxis – New Territories and Lantau Island. Probably won’t see green taxis except en-route from airport, or if you’re in the New Territories of course.
  • Blue taxies – Lantau Island only. You most likely won’t even see this except at the airport.
Newer Prius Taxi
Newer Prius Taxi

Hail a taxi from the street, or via a taxi stand. Note taxis aren’t supposed to stop where there’s a no-stopping yellow line on the road. Taxi drivers don’t speak English well, but they do know hotels, large roads, and famous places in English. Keep a Chinese address handy if you’re going off the beaten path, or try Google mapping it and showing it to your driver. Cash only, don’t try to use a credit or Octopus card in your cab. No tipping, but you can round up to the nearest dollar if there’s cents. Don’t forget to take all of your belongings, thousands of cell phones have been left in HK cabs.

Full Fare Chart for Red Urban Taxis

First 2 kilometres or any part thereof$ 22
Every subsequent 200 metres or part thereof, or
Every period of 1 minute waiting time or part thereof
  •  Until the chargeable amount reaches $ 78
  •  After the chargeable amount has reached $ 78
$ 1.6
$ 1
Additional Charges
Every piece of baggage (Except light personal hand baggage carried inside passenger compartment)$ 5
Wheelchairs and crutches carried by disabled passengersFree
Every animal or bird$ 5
Every hiring arranged through telephone booking$ 5
Surcharge for Every Hiring Involving the Use of Toll Tunnel, Toll Road or Toll Area
Cross-Harbour TunnelAmount of toll paid by driver + $ 10* (Return toll)
Eastern Harbour CrossingAmount of toll paid by driver + $ 15* (Return toll)
Western Harbour CrossingAmount of toll paid by driver + $ 15* (Return toll)
* The return toll is not payable by passenger if :

  • the hiring begins from a cross-harbour taxi stand; or
  • the final destination is not on the opposite side of the harbour.
Lantau Link$ 30 (per use)
Other toll tunnel, toll road or toll areaAmount of toll paid by driver


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