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Hong Kong Airlines sale through Aug 5

Yet, another fare sale on HK Airlines, some good prices.

I guess they’re having trouble keeping the planes full. But I don’t think the latest bad press about Hong Kong Airlines will help.


  • Book through Aug 5
  • Travel Aug 26 – Sep 26


Of course these prices are before taxes and fees.

Round   trip (from Hong Kong)Price (HKD)
Mainland China
Harbinfrom 1,730
Beijingfrom 1,310
Shanghaifrom 1,060
Nanjingfrom 1,060
Hangzhoufrom 1,060
Chongqingfrom 770
Chengdufrom 770
Changshafrom 770
Haikoufrom 770
Sanyafrom 770
Kunmingfrom 770
Fuzhoufrom 670
Round trip (from Hong Kong)Price (HKD)
Taipeifrom 940
Taipeifrom 770
Kaohsiungfrom 770
Taichungfrom 770
Round trip (from Hong Kong)Price (HKD)
Osakafrom 1,730
Tokyofrom 1,410
Okinawafrom 2,040
Round trip (from Hong Kong)Price (HKD)
Southeast Asia
Bangkokfrom 1,060
Hanoifrom 950
Bali,   Denpasarfrom 2,440

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