Hong Kong Airlines Pack and Go Discounts

Here’s your last chance for a summer vocation! Hong Kong airlines releases its latest discounts for travels between August 16 and September 29. You can travel to Bangkok, Bali, Okinawa and Kagoshima with just HK$1,724 to HK$2,631! Bangkok and Bali are really good deals and you can stay there up to 7 days.

Booking starts tonight midnight through August 7! Go grab your tickets!


Here are the round-trip prices:

Leave onRoutePriceSpecial limitations
Aug 16-23Hong Kong <> Bangkok$1,350 HKD ($1,724*)Cannot pick HX771 07:50-09:45、HX775 12:15-14:05 for flights to Bangkok.(Add $300 for unlimited choices)
Aug 23Hong Kong <> Bali$1,650 HKD ($1,983*)Cannot pick HX707 12:10-17:15 for flights to Bali(Add $600 to leave on Aug 17 -19)
Aug 18-21Hong Kong <> Okinawa$2,350 HKD ($2,631*)Only HX679 11:55-13:40 for return flights(Add $300 for HX659 16:05-18:10 on return flights)
Sept 1-15(Only on Tues)Hong Kong <> Kagoshima $2,050 HKD ($2,268*)(Add $200 to leave from Aug 23- Sept 20, Sundays to Kagoshima and return on Thursday only )

* Fares quoted are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.

The above prices included 20 kg checked baggages and in-flight meals.

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