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HK Airlines Thankful Sale 10th Anniversary

You’ve got until November 28th to book these sale tickets on Hong Kong Airlines. I wouldn’t wait too long. Full list of destinations below.


Prices are pretty awesome AND it’s for roundtrip travel! What?! Amazing. (but keep in mind the below list doesn’t include taxes/fees.) Hong Kong Airlines isn’t a discount airline neither, so you’ll get to check bags for free too!

hk airlines sale

Fare example: $400 to Bangkok, total all in for roundtrip is a mere $788 HKD! Each destination has different valid travel dates, you’ll need to click on each within the website.

Watchout for the weird captcha the Hong Kong Airlines website is using, it’s a puzzle. I couldn’t figure it out what to do until the 3rd try. (Maybe it’s just me.) Thought I needed to simply drag it all the way across, since it’s says drag the slider. But apparently there’s an outline of the missing puzzle piece, which doesn’t show up until you start dragging. It was really small on my screen, so I’ve zoomed it for the screenshot below.



100,000 seats according to the website, don’t delay.

Hot Deals
Gold Coast, AustraliaFrom HKD 2,250
Cairns, AustraliaFrom HKD 2,250
Auckland, New ZealandFrom HKD 3,050
TokyoFrom HKD 800
OsakaFrom HKD 800
SapporoFrom HKD 2,200
OkinawaFrom HKD 650
SeoulFrom HKD 850
BangkokFrom HKD 400
TaipeiFrom HKD 490
Flights to Japan
KagoshimaFrom HKD 800
MiyazakiFrom HKD 700
OkayamaFrom HKD 850
YonagoFrom HKD 600
Flights to Asia
BaliFrom HKD 1,750
HanoiFrom HKD 450
Phnom PenhFrom HKD 650
KuchingFrom HKD 750
KrabiFrom HKD 450 (One Way)
Flights to Mainland China
ShanghaiFrom HKD 850
HangzhouFrom HKD 750
NanjingFrom HKD 900
BeijingFrom HKD 1,050
TianjinFrom HKD 1,050
ChengduFrom HKD 1,050
ChongqingFrom HKD 750
SanyaFrom HKD 500
FuzhouFrom HKD 850
HaikouFrom HKD 550
* Offers are subject to change without prior notice; terms and conditions apply
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Fares are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges; and it is announced by Airport Authority Hong Kong that the Airport Construction Fee (ACF) will be collected on air tickets issued after 01 August 2016.
  2. Air tickets are valid on selected flights and dates. Open jaw, upselling, rerouting are not permitted, and non-refundable.
  3. No less than 100,000 promotional air tickets are available for booking on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.
  4. Hong Kong – Cairns flight sector will stopover at Gold Coast; Gold Coast – Hong Kong flight sector will stopover at Cairns
  5. Other terms and conditions apply.

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