HKG Airport Construction Fee “Tax” for 3rd Runway

Have you noticed airfares have gone up this week?

There is a new Hong Kong Airport “tax” on departing flights which took effect on August 1, 2016, all thanks to the new third runway construction which you will be paying for. You can enjoy all of the benefits of a third runway in 2024 assuming all goes as planned.


Most construction projects start charging fees and tolls after they’ve been constructed. So in this case, passengers who may never benefit from the third runway get to contribute! Lucky them. How do you feel about this construction fee? Let us know in the comments.

Also, lets not forget about the fact that the existing terminals are already swamped with transiting passengers, wait until you get to pay for all of the new terminals after the new runway is here! Unless that’s included in this fee, it’s not really clear.

Airport Construction Fees:

HKG Origin – Destination Passengers
Economy: $160 long-haul / $90 short-haul
Business & First Class: $180 long-haul / $160 short-haul

Transit / Transfer Passegers
Economy: $160 long-haul / $70 short-haul
Business & First Class: $180 long-haul / $160 short-haul

I don’t think the construction fee will be noticeable on long-haul flights as it will be less than short haul flights on a percentage basis in most cases. However, for all of the budget carriers that offer all of those super low fares, that $90 HKD will be a big chunk of their cheap fares.

However, I don’t think anyone who can afford to fly somewhere will really be discouraged by a mere $90, so in essence just expect all of the budget airline fares to be $90 higher than before rather than emptier planes.

SCMP mentioned the traveling public should be paying this fee until around 2031, at least it’s not permanent.
Flying distances
“Long Haul” – North and South Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent
“Short Haul” – all destinations other than Long-Haul destinations

Ticket classes
“First Class” or “Business Class”
“Economy Class” – all other classes of travel, including “Premium Economy Class” and standard “Economy Class”

Flight types
“Origin-Destination” – passengers originating from HKIA
“Transit” – passengers arriving and departing on the same aircraft under the same flight number without passing through arrival immigration control at the Airport Area
“Transfer” – passengers arriving and departing on the same day (within 24 hours), on different aircraft and under different flight numbers

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