HK Express Weekly Sales (Dec 28)

Here comes Hong Kong Express’s last weekly sales of this year! For travels between December 29 and October 29, 2016, flights can cost as low as HK$262 to Korea, HK$342 to Japan and HK$150 to Taiwan before tax, if you use the airline’s 20% off discount code with your purchase.

Booking starts here at midnight today till December 30.

HK Express

20% off discount code: HKEXMAS
For bookings between December 29 and January 4, 2016

Here are the round-trip prices after 20% off discount:

Hong Kong <> Wuxi$94 ($620*)
Hong Kong <> Ningbo$94 ($620*)
Hong Kong <> Kunming$94 ($620*)
Hong Kong <> Taichung$150 ($646*)
Hong Kong <> Da Nang$150 ($653*)
Hong Kong <> Siem Reap$262 ($940*)
Hong Kong <> Phuket$150($683*)
Hong Kong <> Chiang Mai$150($683*)
Hong Kong <> Seoul (Incheon)$262 ($944*)
Hong Kong <> Jeju$262 ($902*)
Hong Kong <> Busan$262 ($902*)
Hong Kong <> Hiroshima$342 ($900*)
Hong Kong <> Fukuoka$342 ($967*)
Hong Kong <> Nagoya$342 ($1076*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Haneda)$342 ($1076*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Narita)$342 ($1079*)
Hong Kong <> Osaka$342 ($1109*)

*Fares quoted are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.

The above prices do not include charges for checked baggage, prices for checked baggage are as followed:

Taichung, Kunming, Ningbo, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Da Nang:
One way: 20kg – $150, 25kg – $200, 30kg – $250
Tokyo (Haneda)/(Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Phuket, Bangkok:
One way: 20kg – $225, 25kg – $300, 30kg – $340

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  1. rkflum says:

    hi! great website!

    I was wondering about these HK Express sales. I have tried many times to get the advertised prices but NEVER succeeded. How can I find out what dates and flights have the super cheap seats?

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