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HKExpress Priority Booking – Ufly-Pass

Hong Kong Express has become a hot pick among budget airlines for Hong Kong travelers thanks to its regular ticket sales and promotions. But let’s face it, the low-fare tickets are so hard to grab, that more often than not we will just forget the discounts exist and go for regular-priced tickets or for other airlines.

Hong Kong Express has recently launched a new subscription service named Ufly-Pass, which allows priority booking of the airline’s low-fare tickets up to 6 hours before non-subscription holders. That means no more waiting till midnight and a higher chance of getting discounted tickets!

For unlimited access to major promotions in 2016 –  (valid by Dec 31, 2016)
Original Price: HK$888
Introductory price: HK$388!
Click here to subscribe.


How Does It Work?

  • Subscribe
  • Stay tuned for email promo notifications
  • Log-in to the Ufly-Pass platform
  • Book your tickets ahead of everyone else!

Terms and Conditions to Bear in Mind…

1) Ufly-Pass bookings may be made up to 6 hours in advance by subscribers.

2) The Ufly-Pass subscriber must be part of the traveling party for all priority bookings. So nope, you can’t share the pass…

3) Your Ufly-Pass will be activated within 48 hours after subscription.

So, if you are a frequent HK Express traveler, this might be the product for you. But this also means it will be harder for everyone else aka the non-subscribers to grab a discounted ticket from now on…

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  • nezistan
    Sunday, January 3, 2016

    Wow, the ancillary charges of the budget carriers get more and more creative.

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