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HK Express Pay to Go, Return for Free Discount!

Just after last night’s HK$38 ticket sales, Hong Kong Express pushes out yet another round of discounted tickets. This time the “pay to go and return for free” discount returns! That means for travels between 27 August and 14 July, 2016, it only costs as little as HK$780 to travel to Japan, HK$320 to Taichung and HK$580 to Korea!

This might be a bit pricier than last night’s deals, but is still worth buying.  However, discounts from Hong Kong Express are frequent, which means you can afford to wait a bit for better deals for travel dates next year.

Booking starts tonight at midnight and last till August 31.


Here are the round-trip prices:

Hong Kong <> Wuxi$280 ($759*)
Hong Kong <> Ningbo$280 ($759*)
Hong Kong <> Kunming$280 ($759*)
Hong Kong <> Taichung$320 ($713*)
Hong Kong <> Da Nang$380 ($780*)
Hong Kong <> Siem Reap$480 ($1,043*)
Hong Kong <> Bangkok (Don Mueang)$350 ($780*)
Hong Kong <> Phuket$280 ($710*)
Hong Kong <> Chiang Mai$360 ($790*)
Hong Kong <> Seoul (Incheon)$580 ($1,047*)
Hong Kong <> Busan$580 ($1,005*)
Hong Kong <> Jeju$580 ($1,005*)
Hong Kong <> Fukuoka$780 ($1,110*)
Hong Kong <> Hiroshima$780 ($1,043*)
Hong Kong <> Nagoya$780 ($1,220*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Haneda)$780 ($1,220*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Narita)$780 ($1,221*)
Hong Kong <> Osaka$780 ($1,252*)

*Fares quoted are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.

The above prices do not include charges for checked baggage, prices for checked baggage are as followed:

Taichung, Kunming, Ningbo, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Da Nang:
One way: 20kg – $150, 25kg – $200, 30kg – $250
Tokyo (Haneda)/(Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Phuket, Bangkok:
One way: 20kg – $225, 25kg – $300, 30kg – $340

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